Thursday, October 13, 2005

More Rambling

More Rambling
Continuing on.
The apartment- we met our translator on Tuesday and looked at the outside; but the lady was not home and she didn't want us to see the inside as she had a couple of things to do yet. We will go back there on Saturday morning to see the inside of it and make our decision.
As I was writing this a woodpecker landed in the tree beside us , about 4 feet away, and started to look for his breakfast. Camera is in the tent of course. I can't load any pictures on the computer here so will have to wait until we get to an internet cafe.
Our days here are busy. This morning we took a long walk along the sea, the water is as warm as a bathtub, picked some shells and by 8:30 am we were back at the tent, hot and sweaty already. We have some tortillas for breakfast and then went to the bank in Guaymas. We then took a drive and went to see the Marina and Algodones Beach. The beach is beautiful, long stretch of at least a mile, maybe more and of course the sea. We returned to the campground, got changed and went swimming. Roy is relaxing from the stressful day we have had, while I do this. Yesterday we had a nice chat with the owners wife and heard lots of stories of San Carlos, etc.
It's a tough life here; but we're doing our best not to miss the frost and cold. We looked at Edmontons weather yesterday on the computer, had a good laugh and then went swimming.
Til later.


BillieS said...

Sounds like you are having fun. How are you doing with Spanish. Know enough words to get by?

Brenda said...

We haven't needed too much spanish yet; San Carlos is not really like Mexico, more like a piece of the US. We supposedly can move into our apt. tonight(Sat.), then we will see. Enjoying the weather, etc.