Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sun, Sea and Sand

Sun, Sea and Sand
The desert here is not what we expected. There are some trees, lots of shrubs and cactus. It is, at this time of year fairly green.
The campground we are tenting in is right across the road from the Sea of Cortez so we fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on shore. There is also a nightly chorus of singing insects (sounds like the crickets back home). There are a few mosquitoes at dusk, and some ankle biters (no see-ums?), assorted ants, beetles, 1 fly, and of course my adopted buddy (who lives in the washroom) Charlie the Cockroach. Last night there was a skunk wandering the campground, so we put everything foody away and he didn't bother us. The campground here is great, for $10.00 US a day we have: electric, cable TV, swimming pool, showers, free computer access and a fantastic view. The owners are friendly and helpful and we have several chats a day with the security guard, Enrique, this morning he said it was very cold. It was probably about 17 degrees C., we thought that was pretty funny. The campground is very quiet, maybe only 6 of us here as it is pre- snowbird still, not sure if we would want to be here when it is full though.
It seems strange to actually see the views of the sea and mountains that we have been looking at over the internet for so many months, it is almost a feeling of deja vu. The other night we walked down to a bar that we have read about and listened to a singer that we had also read about. We had also read about "Tony- the vegetable man" and the other night we met up with him. We got fresh, homemade tortillas, some delicious dessery things- can't spell the name of them. Fresh tomatoes- supposed to be 6 for $1.00 but he gave us 8. He also had fresh shrimp, cucumbers, homemade guacomole, cheese, etc.. Good stuff! The campground owners wife said to ask him what else he has as he usually has special things tucked away. He also comes to the campground everyday. Yesterday the water bottle guys also came- we didn't need a5 gal. jug here but in the corner store it costs $1.55 so we will see later how much it is when they deliver.
The trees in the campground are viaied. The owner tried planting some from southern Mexico as an experiment and they have done very well. They have red blooms and great big long green pods, another kind has fruit in a leathery shell that looks like they could be almonds, there are also palms and other trees and shrubs. Along the roads there are many flowering shrubs and plants in very vivid colors.
I am going to save this and come back later.

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