Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Nice Day

Another Nice Day
It was another warm, sunny day today; although there was a wind this afternoon. We just came in from sitting on the patio (in my shorts) and it is clouding up and there is some lightning and thunder.
When we first came to Albuquerque we had gone to a bank and ordered some pesos, the bank had to order them in, so today we went and picked them up. Then we did a bit of shopping, filled up with gas ($2.85.9 per gallon) and came back to the house. The usual dog walks and an otherwise uneventful day.
Roys daughter left a comment that they had seen some snow on Sunday there and we feel REALLY bad that we are missing out on that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda -
What exchange rate did you get for peso purchase? We found that the ATM's in Mexico were the best exchange rate - better than American and Mexican banks. I belive unleaded will be about 2.30 a gallon in Mexico - so don't fillup before you cross into Mexico ;-) We leave for Veracruz next Tuesday - Calypso John