Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Apartment

The Apartment
Yesterday morning we went back to see the apartment, there was alot of work left to be done on it. They said that everything would be ready by 8 PM. We went back to the campground and relaxed for the day. We packed up and left around 5 and went to look around Guaymas, do a bit of shopping and have supper. We arrived back at the apartment with our translator at 8 PM. our landlords must have worked like mad all day. The place was almost done. They were in the process of hanging curtains. They went above and beyond what we had expected. She bought a new mattress, complete with all new bedding! They also put in a couple of loveseat size couches which we also had not expected. They have cable TV, so when we took our translator home, he gave us a splitter and a roll of cable and the landlord hooked us up right away. They also said they have internet so if we get a computer we could hook into their line. This morning the landlady came over with some pots, pans, a double burner cooker, and a microwave. The only thing that hasn´t arrived yet is the frig.. Roy is at the apt. watching football and nascar so I walked to the internet cafe to write this, maybe when I get home the frig will have arrived. They are very nice people and have bent over backwards trying to make us comfy.
I can´t get the rest of the photos to load so will try again another day. Needless to say we are quite happy with our accomadations, much different than we expected to get. Doing not too bad with the spanish, managing to get across what we want and need most of the time.


BillieS said...

This looks like it will be a great Mexican home for you. Congratulations. Now you can get on with the adventure since you have a home base.

Apartment Locator Houston said...

The apartment looks like it will turn out to be great. Good luck with your apartment.