Saturday, May 14, 2011

Girls Day Out

A friend who spends the winter in San Carlos is getting ready to head back to Canada for the summer, she decided that her, her friend who is visiting from England and I should have a girls day out before they leave.
We headed to a little town close to Guaymas called San Jose.  We took a look at the church, sat and had a pop at a little store on the plaza and then headed over to visit a fellow who has a used articles store.  This little old gentleman has quite the story to tell of the bad storm that sat over us for approx. 36 hrs. a few years ago.  His home was destroyed and he was injured saving a child.  He is now in a wheelchair and a local group built him a small home and set him up with a used article store in part of his house.  He is interesting and fun to visit with and we chatted for awhile.
 Then we headed over to a seniors home for men.  I had gotten to know these men after the same storm mentioned above.  Their home was also destroyed in the storm and they were moved into the womens seniors home beside the place where I was going to help teach the children English once a week.  I used to buy a bag of candy and go to visit them before my classes every week.  They began calling me the candy lady and I always got a big welcome when I arrived, they do love their sweets !!  I hadn't been to see them since they moved back out to San Jose.  One of the men told me that he had had a heart operation and showed me the round object placed under his skin, I am assuming a pacemaker or something to that effect.  We chatted with them for a bit and also with the lady working there, there are only 10 men now and 1 woman: whereas there were 14 previously, I didn't ask any questions as you can probably figure what happened to the others at that age.
Our visiting over we took the new highway between San Jose and Empalme and found a bathroom and a fish taco place, after eating some good food, we set out to find the giant cactus.  I had been to see them there about 5 yrs. ago and knew where they were in a general type of way.  We got into the general area and then asked a lady, she didn't have a clue.  We drove for a bit and came to a workshop where a couple of guys were sitting.  I got out and asked and he know where I meant right away.  He gave us the most precise directions I have ever been given here and we arrived there shortly.  I don't think either of my friends had ever seen such big cactus and I just wish that I could remember better the other 2 places out in the desert where there are even larger ones.  Our landlord took us there shortly after we came here and besides not knowing the area, all the roads in the desert look the same to me.  I was not going to start roaming around sand tracks in the desert to find them so they had to make do with seeing those.  If you have never seen huge ones before these are pretty impressive; but the ones out in the cactus forests in the desert are even grander.  It is too bad we had not gone a week or so earlier as they had just finished blooming and by the look of it had been loaded with blossoms.  They decided that they would go again next year; but earlier in the year to try and see all the blooms.
We then headed back home where Roy was looking after his buddy Geordie the dog.  A fun day with friends and a good way to end their winter here.

Church at San Jose.


1st Mate said...

Very brave of you three to spend all that time out in the heat. Sounds like a good adventure.

Brenda said...

1st Mate: It didn't seem that hot, we weren't uncomfortable or maybe I should say I wasn't uncomfortable; but no one complained about it.
It was fun.

Gloria said...

I love those old old cactus trees. Great photo. How kind of you to visit those that do need visiting from time to time. Very nice. You have angel wings, I can see them from here.:) Have a great week ahead.

Brenda said...

Gloria: Yes, the cactus are very interesting. The bases make me think of wrinkly elephant legs and feet.
No angel wings here, visiting these people is as much fun for me as it is for them and a real work out for my Spanish also.
Have a great Sunday.

Regina said...

My father is moving to Guayma in Aug to start teaching. I've been doing research on the area and have become concerned with the safety warnings. You don't seem to have an reservation about 3 women alone driving on the highways. My sister and I would like to come visit with our children. Do you think it is safe?

Brenda said...

Hi and welcome Regina: Not only were we on highways; but also on some small desert roads and yes we felt safe. Everyone is/was friendly and there were no problems.
As to whether you should come and visit with your children the answer to that is a resounding YES, you and they will love it here I am sure.
It is a beautiful place with wonderful people.
As long as you aren't into drugs or criminal activity I seriously doubt that you will be in any danger. Naturally in life there are no guarantees; but I would say that your chances of getting hurt in your town are just as great as they are here.

Regina said...

Thank you! I feel much better!

Brenda said...

No problem, have a wonderful trip and I hope your dad enjoys teaching here.
What school is he going to be teaching at? Colegio Americano or Colegio Navarrette?