Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Kid On The Block

First of all Happy Mothers Day to anyone who is celebrating it today as we are in Mexico.  I basically have the day off, my Spanish class is cancelled this morning as my teacher has gone to the cemetery to put flowers on her mothers grave.  I called the Casa de la Cultura and whoever answered, perhaps the security man, said there are no classes today.  So my busy day became a day off, I suppose I could find out if the afternoon group is still going to Spanish class; but think I will just enjoy a day off instead.  Just call me lazy.

The big news today is that the landlords new grand baby arrived last night. He was supposed to arrive on the 17 th, (C section); but she wasn't feeling well and was having some contractions yesterday so went to the hospital around 5 PM.  I guess the Drs. were worried that the baby might be in distress so they shipped her to Obregon, where the baby was born, he is just fine and all is well.  The landlady came up early this morning and called me downstairs.  She didn't say what for, just told me to come down.  When I got inside she showed me a photo of the baby on the computer that her son had taken.  So congratulations all around.  He is a little sweetheart, not sure how much he weighed but he has chubby cheeks and is cute as a button.  He will be named Santiago.  The oldest son, (about 11 yrs. old) was trying to get his little brother,(about 2 1/2 yrs. old) to call the baby Charly; but grandpa insisted he say Santiago. Too funny, he is just starting to talk so he is cute.  So little Santiago is a Mothers Day baby.
Momma and baby may be home tomorrow so will take some pictures when I go over to see them.
So instead of rushing around for class this morning I packed up my moms picture ready to send it to her.  Well, almost ready, I have to leave the last tapeing up stuff until after the post office looks and sees that there is nothing against the law in the package, then I can tape it up and away it will go.  Not sure if the Post Office is open today so will wait til tomorrow to go there and go to the tianguis at the same time.
Have a good day.

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