Friday, May 13, 2011

The New Baby

I had just gotten home from class yesterday when the landlady came up and told me that the baby and mom were home from hospital in Obregon.  I actually already knew that as when I left for class little Diego and Alan had told me; but I had to get to class and didn't have time to stop then.
I grabbed the baby gift and camera and headed down to see the new family addition.
He, of course, is a cutie.  They gave him to me to hold and he snuggled right in and went to sleep.  An Ahhhh moment.
They showed me their copy of the Obregon paper as Nancys picture was in it having been the only mom to give birth on Mothers Day in that hospital.  It was interesting to read the article.
Both mom and baby seem to be fine.
Here is a picture of great grandma with the new baby.  I am sure many more pictures will follow.

I felt I had put the finishing touches on my hummingbird painting on the black paper so took it to class last night to ask the teacher his opinion.  I was expecting him to tell me to add still more light or something; but he looked carefully at it and told me it was good, to leave it alone and get it framed.  That made me feel good.


aj said...

I read about that in Imparcial! What a small world.

Brenda said...

AJ: really, how neat. It really is a small world.
Thanks for commenting.