Monday, September 08, 2008

Shrimp Dinner

Last evening we went out for a shrimp dinner. I have mentioned this restaurant before; but don't think I have ever taken a picture of it. It is called Cocos El Novillero and serves good seafood. If you want dinner though, you have to go early as it closes at 7 PM.
Our order was taken promptly and we sat back to relax. This didn't last for long as the owner of the restaurant came up to us and introduced himself. He sat down and began to chat with us. He told us that he doesn't speak any english; but would like to learn as there are more and more tourists coming into the restaurant. It is located right across from the stadium in Guaymas. We chatted with him throughout our meal.
The shrimp were good, the company was unexpected, the staff were friendly and we were well taken care of. A nice evening.
If you are ever in town, I recommend a lunch or dinner there, they have a large variety of seafood on the menu. He said they open at 8 AM and close at 7 PM.


kelsi said...

Hey Brenda - Is this restaurant on the main road through Guaymas? If so, this is where Dave and I went for supper the first night we were passing through (on the way to Guayabitos).

I kind of recognize the big palapa, but there may be a few restaurants that look similar.

Brenda said...

Hi Kelsi. No, this is not on the main road, it is opposite the stadium at the southern end of town. You probably went to either Los Arbolitos, La Cobaca, or Casa Azul(name is something like that). They are all on the road at the beginning of town. Yes, there are a few with palapa roofs.

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islagringo said...

This place would have to drastically change their hours if they were on the island. Tourists just don't eat dinner that early. Don't you love it though, when a local, especially the owner, singles you out for attention. (and you can talk to them!)

Brenda said...

Wayne, even the seafood restaurant right in centro that deals with lots of tourists closes at 7 PM. Don't know what is with that; but that is the way it is here.
We are not nearly as touristy here as you are over there.
Actually the story about the owner sitting down with us has more to it than I put on the blog. It was interesting.