Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Independance Day

Today is Independance Day in Mexico. So happy Independance Day to all of my mexican readers.
Last night we headed to centro and to Richards apartment. There we met up with Richard, Cynthia and a group of the english teachers from the school where Cynthia and Richard teach. We all chatted for awhile before heading for the Three Presidents Plaza where there were to be some bands playing. I think the first band we heard was called Nacapule, then came a mariachi band, I missed their name. The mariachi band was very, very good and we really enjoyed listening to them. The singers had really good voices and the music was great. They had a big screen up on one side of the plaza and it was showing images of past events in the city, carnival parades, etc. and was nice to watch and remember as we listened to the music.
Across the street the childrens fair rides were doing a big business and the toy vendors were out in force. A happy, noisy, colorful time. Some of the little children were dressed up in costumes and looked very cute.
There were some changes in the way that things were this year. The beer vendors are usually set up on the plaza, this year they were down on the street and we heard a policeman telling someone that they weren't allowed to take the beer onto the plaza. I had read that there was to be no food sold, only bottled drinks; because of the problem of dust still hanging around from when the streets flooded during Tropical Depression Julio. There were not nearly as many vendors as usual; but there were some and we saw people wandering around with food, so- so much for that.
One interesting difference this year was that there were 2 police riding around on Segways, the 2 wheeled motorized vehicles-not sure if you call them vehicles or what you call them. I had read somewhere on the internet, I forget where, that the police somewhere in Mexico were using these; but never expected to see them here in our little city.

Internet image of a Segway:

We decided not to stay for the Grito and headed down to the bus stop to head home. The streets were full of people heading for the plaza and the beer stores and liquor stores were doing a booming business. Usually after/during events there are some buses that do their runs later. Last night when we saw our bus and asked the driver, he said he was finished and there would be no more buses that night. So we found a cab and caught a ride home. This is the first time that this has ever happened. Arrived home safe and sound and waited for the fireworks to begin. El Grito couldn't have taken very long as the fireworks started shortly after 11 PM. They put on a good show and we enjoyed watching them from the comfort of our patio. A good ending to the evening.
The Palacio Municipal being decorated for Independance Day.


Ale said...

It was so much fun yesterday. We shouted ¡Viva! from the top of our lungs. The fireworks were amazing. There was one that lit up a palmera in San Fernando´s Plaza, but the firemen were there very quickly and put it out. Other then that everything was very nice and safe.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean Segway?

Brenda said...

Ale: Yes, it was nice being in the plaza with everyone. We couldn't see the castillos go up from here at home; but the rest of the fireworks were great.
Anonymous: Yes, sorry for the bad spelling, I did mean Segway and have corrected that.

islagringo said...

"A happy, noisy, colorful time."

That is about all that needs to be said to sum up the celebrations throughout Mexico last night.

Steve Cotton said...

When did you hear what had happened in Morelia?

Brenda said...

Wayne: Yes, it pretty much sums up the happy ones anyway.
Steve: Not until this morning. We watched the fireworks and relaxed and then went to bed. Found out when I turned on the computer this morning.