Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Decorations

If you have been reading along here for awhile, you have no doubt seen the decorations, etc. that go into having a birthday party here. When you are invited to a party at a salon de eventos (party place) you can be sure that the room will be decorated. They go all out with everything. At the end of the night the guests are expected/encouraged to take the decorations home with them. There are balloons everywhere, candies are wrapped up prettily, table centrepieces are lovely, goodie bags are given to everyone and are wrapped appropriate to the party theme, and of course, there are pinatas (yes, plural in a lot of cases). In other words there is no shortage of decorations.
This pictures below show a table centrepiece from a birthday party. The party was held at a salon de eventos which has water slides and kiddie pools, so the theme was sea/water related.
The bottom piece is styrofoam which is then painted and decorated. The next piece, the clear plastic container, holds small seashells and above that are toothpicks. The uppermost piece is a dolphin. When you tip the dolphin forward it activates a mechanism that pops out a toothpick and he picks it up with his mouth. Cute, eh? Each one of these was made by hand by someone in the family before the party and there are one or more of them on every table. An enormous amount of work goes into creating a party here.


Ale said...

People still make this things at home becouse is to expensive to buy them all done. Besides, it´s a way to show support to the "festejado". That dolphin is lovely and I can just imagine how much work that was.

Vic Grace said...

I hear that Mexicans really like to celebrate and will have lots of fiestas. We are really looking forward to our trip. We are having lovely fall days right now but it is getting cooler every night.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

How totally cute. I wonder where they got the supplies? I love stuff like that, but that one is the most inventive.

islagringo said...

You are so right. Mexicans will enlist the help of the entire extended family to make these decorations. Birthday parties are small potatoes compared to the decorations and presents for the guests that go with a 15 year party. (can't spell the real word!)

Theresa: most papelerias around here devote entire floors to stuff for decorating for every theme. Roam around in Merida on the streets by the market or behind that musuem of modern art by the cathedral and you will see shop after shop selling this stuff. Feather boas too!

Jackie said...

Wow that is amazing. My niece (the crafty one, my daughter’s best friend, my daughter and I made the decorations and table pieces for my daughter’s wedding/reception but nothing was as elaborate as that dolphin.

Brenda said...

Ale: I agree it would be too expensive to get something like that made, lots of time and work involved. Besides the family all like to get involved anyway or so it seems to me.
Vic: If I remember correctly you are coming in February so may be here for Carnival. That is a fun time.
Theresa: As Wayne mentions there are stores that specialise in selling materials for these things. Here there are also a couple behind the mercado.
Wayne: we have not yet been invited to a quincineria (sp?) and probably won't be as most of the children we know have quite a way to go to that age.
Jackie: lovely decorations and I am sure that took lots of time also.