Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday
We spent a lazy day today. Roy was busy on his computer doing a fantasy football draft and organising his teams, while I was busy emailing and phoning people.
Today is my middle brothers 50 th birthday, hard to believe that the little disturber/instigator is that old. Anyway I figured I'd better give him a call, we hadn't talked for a long time and it was nice to connect again. I then decided to give one of Roys sisters a call and we also had a nice chat. Then one of my nephews beeped via MSN and we chatted for a few minutes with their voice chat, so much easier than typing.
I took a look in the frig and deep freeze and nothing jumped out at me, yelling cook me, cook me. Roy offered to step in and cook something and I counter offered with going out for dinner. We both agreed on that and decided to go uptown to Loncheria Doney, our favorite place to have papas locas. We haven't been there for quite awhile and it sounded good to me. If you are ever in town and want to eat there, just remember that they don't open until around 4 PM. They are also closed one day during the week; but at the moment I forget which day. We sat on the stools outside so that we could catch the breeze and also watch what was going on en la calle (on the street). The food was good as always and we enjoyed our meals.
Loncheria Doney the best place to eat papas locas.

It was just starting to get dark and the view of the church spires in the setting sun was pretty.

After eating we decided to stroll around the Fishermans Plaza (Plaza del Pescador). All the stands were open and the rides were running for the childrens amusement. The vendors selling balloons, toys, cotton candy, etc. were all out in force.
Churros, one of my favorite treats.

We stood and looked out over the harbor for a few minutes and watched a couple of young boys swimming. It is the first time that we have ever seen anyone swimming there and personally you couldn't pay me enough to get into the water there; but they were enjoying themselves.

Part of the new work on a marina for pleasure boats, it mustn't be open yet as there are no boats there. The small boat on the left hand side has been tied up there for a long time and apparently the fellow that lives aboard her is an interesting person. We have never met him.

We started to walk toward our bus stop, past the Plaza de Tres Presidentes, when a couple of clowns (actual clowns, not just goofy people) called us over. They were going to put on a show and were recruiting an audience. We walked over and sat down and after awhile they apparently decided that they had enough people to begin. They did some comedy routines, some acrobatics, some juggling, etc.. The crowd kept growing and eventually they had a pretty good audience. They were quite funny and the crowd loved them. We watched their act for quite awhile before hopping on our bus and heading home.

A nice relaxing evening.

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