Thursday, August 09, 2007

Surfing YouTube

Surfing YouTube
Every once in awhile, I head over to YouTube and do a search for "Guaymas". Today I found quite a few that I hadn't seen before. There are new ones on the Delphinario, which I found interesting and then I found the one below. It is a very good representation of our area and is posted by user: bungolio. It shows all of the highlights of our city and I enjoyed it very much, I hope you do.


1st Mate said...

Pretty interesting -- I didn't know about the pearls.

This video and its English translation will probably be shown a lot after the cruise ships add Guaymas to their ports of call.

Brenda said...

I am surprised that you didn't know about the pearl farm. It is apparently a big deal. We went there the first winter we were here. I forget on the video if it says and don't have time to re-watch it right now; but in case it didn't say, it is in Miramar at the Tec de Monteray. We looked around, we didn't take the tour as we had just missed one and didn't feel like hanging around for the next one. I have to admit that most of the jewellery on display wasn't my "cup of tea"; but it is pretty (I prefer smaller pieces in gold). Their website is here, in case you are interested: