Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Street- The West Side

Our Street- The West Side
I tried uploading another video through blogger as the fellow from here has managed to get one to load. I don't know what the problem is; but mine won't load. Anyway, off to YouTube I went once again.
The other day I posted a video of the east side of our street that I had taken from our patio upstairs. Today I went downstairs and shot the west side of the street. There are only 2 buildings on this side of the block, 1 being our landlords and our place, so there is not a lot to see.
The video shows our landlords driveway, his house behind the mango and limon trees, the ground floor apartment where we spent our first winter down here and up on the second floor our apartment. I had taken 2 videos, the first one I talked about what I was shooting and the second one--the one which I posted, where I didn't speak. Roy thought the quality of this one was better than the one where I was speaking, so it is the one that I decided to post.

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wayne said...

Keep trying! Do you have dial up? If so, I wonder if that is the problem because it sure takes a long time to load a video. Much longer than on YouTube. But it sure cuts out a lot of steps!