Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Carnaval Parade

Carnaval Parade
Yesterday afternoon a couple of friends came over and we all headed uptown to watch the Carnaval Parade. It was supposed to start at 4 PM so I had hopes that it would begin before dark and that I would be able to get some good pictures. We found a great spot to sit on a cement bench with a wall behind us to lean on. Heaven, compared to sitting on the curb and much cleaner.
We sat back to eat and wait. Between us, we tried several of the tasty treats available such as homemade potato chips, (not french fries; but like the chips packed in bags), candy floss and chili encrusted mangos. Personally I have to say that the chips were excellent and our friends seemed to enjoy the mango and candy floss.
We again waited and waited for the parade to begin. I guess the starting times are more of a "suggestion" than a actuality, this is not a new thing, it was like this the last 2 years also.
It seemed like the young ladies on the floats were more scantily clad this year than other years, especially the ones on the Sol beer float, and I felt sorry for them as they must have been cold. There was a breeze blowing and it cooled off as the sun went down. They were basically in bras and thongs and we were in our jackets. BRRR..... oh well they are young and don't seem to feel the temperature the way we do.
It was a nice, sunny day; but just before the parade started it began to cloud over, and by the time the parade got to us, it was beginning to get dark again. So much for getting any good pictures. Oh well, here are some that I took anyway, as always you can see more details when you click on them to enlarge them.
This is one of the newest "toys" on sale from the street venders, dishes of bubble solution with large bubble blowers. It seems to be a big hit with the kids.

Radio FM float.

There is an old home here in the city that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, it has quite a history. Is this a replica of it? Your guess is as good as mine.

The spires on this float are lying down to go under the overhead electrical wires.
This is a bad picture of the Sol beer float; but I am posting it for my blogger amigo,Wayne , as I think that one of his favorite beers is a Sol brand.


Steve Cotton said...

The joy of most local parades is the mixed message on most of the floats. I particularly like the guy in the baseball cap sitting amidst the ancient Egypt theme.

wayne said...

How right you are Brenda! Give me Sol or give me....er, whatever you have on hand! LOL! Sol's theme this year was Amazons of the Sun (a take off on Sol having two meanings). I tried to get a T-shirt at the Sol tent here and they wouldn't give me one! Said only for locals! The pigs. If they only knew how much I spend on their product every year, they'd make me a spokesperson. As for the cold, a well dressed woman never feels cold.