Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had an earthquake today here, it didn't do any damage and I really couldn't even feel anything from where I was standing in the middle of the room.  Roy was sitting at his desk with his arm resting on it and he felt the desk shake.  It sounded like a big truck roaring by the house; but when we looked outside there was nothing there.  We are basically on rock here so I guess rather than shake we make noise, I don't know anything about earthquakes coming from the Canadian prairies.
The USGS site says that it was a 4.8 magnitude and was about 86 km. or 54 miles southwest of us at a depth of 3.8 kms. or 1.9 miles in the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortes, (it is called by both names here).
So, that was our day, how was yours?


Leslie Limon said...

One thing I don't miss about living in California are the earthquakes!

But I'm glad that you are safe and I hope no damage was done to your home or around town. :)

Brenda said...

Leslie, I imagine you are used to them after living in California. Yes, we are fine, it was really nothing and I am sure nothing in town was damaged or at least I haven't heard of anything so far.

Gloria said...

Hmmm, I left a comment but instead of it posting, I was re-directed somewhere else. That was weird. What I said was that I'm glad you and yours are okay and that earthquakes are very scary. Happy Easter! I'll try sending again. Oh and there's word that there is a virus called Trojan going on. I just did a full scan and everything was okay. Take care.

Brenda said...

Gloria; hmm that is weird that you were directed elsewhere.
As for being scared it was over so fast and wasn't hard so it wasn't really scary. Thank goodness.
Have a great Easter.

Steve Cotton said...

Google alerts brings me news of the earthquakes we get daily here in Mexico -- not surprisingly, most in the baja area. Fortunately, we do not feel most of them.

Brenda said...

Steve: we seldom feel anything either, in fact at times people in Arizona feel them and we don't.
This is only the second one that we have ever felt and both have been very minimal, almost over before you figure out what it was.
Have a good Easter.