Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Allan House Construction #4

The days are filled with pretty much the same old thing.  I finished my first project in this current class, no picture of it finished as yet, it is still at the Casa de la Cultura as the teacher wants to send them to wherever to get them mounted.  He seems to like to mount these on a white board with glass? covering the picture.  If I remember to take the camera tomorrow to class I will take a picture of it pre- framing.  It turned out not bad.
I am almost done working on my friends dog, Frank, just a few finishing touches and the clean up to do.  I might finish it tomorrow before class if normal life doesn't get in the way. 

Allans house construction has been quiet for a few days; but when I got home from uptown today there was a backhoe doing some digging, not sure what was going on.  The foundations are in for the rooms on the lower floor.  The rooms according to the albanil, (Louis), are 3 m. x 4 m. and 4 m. x 5 m..  There is going to be a bathroom, game room for the kids, a kitchen, dining room and livingroom on the main floor.  The second floor will have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (1 off the master bedroom I am assuming and 1 for the kids).

The other day some guys drove up with a lift machine thing and proceeded to lift themselves up to the streetlight and check it out.  I am not sure what they were doing as the light was working properly at the time.  They saw Roy and I standing on the patio watching them and noticed my camera so they were joking and posing for photos for me.  They did their thing and left, maintenance perhaps??  Unusual for sure.

The mangos are almost done blooming as are the avocados.  The peach tree and the lime tree are still blooming, the peach tree is really pretty at the moment and reminds me a bit of cherry blossoms.

Peach blossoms.


Gloria said...

I bet you get some great avocados. We have been trying for years to get avocados on our tree, but as of yet none. That house seems to be coming along great. Hope all is well. Look forward to seeing your finished artwork. Have a great rest of the week.

Brenda said...

Gloria: the trees are actually our landlords; but we get to share the bounty.
Unfortunately the family usually gets very few of the peaches as people walking by on the street like to snack on them lol.
The avocados are really good right off of the tree. Yummy.
Have a great week/weekend also.