Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bye Bye Storm

Well, the storm Octave went further south than we are.  We did get a nice slow rainfall out of it for a day or so.  Nothing that caused any damages, just slowly came down and soaked in, so it should be green for a while now.  It was pretty much a non event here.  Alamos got much more rain than we did; but I haven't heard of any damages there either.  I haven't read anything from the Baja about how they fared.

This morning I went and got a haircut as I am feeling a bit better.  Oh it feels so good to have that done.  My throat feels back to normal; whether the infection will come back or not I don't know as I had to stop taking the medicine after 3 days instead of 6 or 7 days.  My mouth is still very sore and have to get to the store for some yoghurt with active ingredients in it so bolster up what the antibiotics killed off.

So my good intentions are to go to art class this evening if I am still awake.  It was 2 a.m. when I got to sleep last night and up as usual at 6 a.m. so may fade later.  I think I may have a siesta this afternoon.  Tough life isn't it?  Watch a movie until late and then have a siesta in the afternoon, too funny this retirement gig.


Steve Cotton said...

Yesterday a waiter at my breakfast place asked me: "What do you do here each day? Melaque is so boring." My answer: "Whatever I like."

Retirement is grand.

brenda said...

I totally agree Steve.

Doug Siner said...

Glad you didn't get the bad weather. Our cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta last week had great weather. Just ahead of the storm. Myself, Edna & daughter had not been to either city. Hope your feeling better and didn't give it to Roy.

brenda said...

Glad your cruise had good weather and was a good experience/enjoyable. We have been to Cabo; but not to Vallarta. Cabo is way too touristy for me, actually the whole Baja to me feels that way.

brenda said...

Oh and Roy did not catch it as yet.