Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back To The Doctor

Roy has had very swollen feet for the last few months, he never wanted to go to the Dr. about it to see what the cause is.  Is it just men in general or is he more stubborn than most?  This said with a smile, of course.

A couple of days ago our landlords daughter in law came up with a birthday party invitation and was aghast when she happened to notice his swollen feet.  I guess coming from someone other than me had an effect on him as he decided we should go to the Dr. and see about it.

We went to a Farmacia Similares to see the Dr..  I have seen this particular Dr. before and liked his approach so I was glad when it was him.  The Drs. at the Farmacia rotate in and out and also change from mornings to afternoons so I am never quite sure who I will see.

The Dr. asked lots of questions and gave him a fluid pill to get rid of the worst of the retention problem quickly.  Then he wrote a script for a blood and urine analysis and also an ECG.  Paid the Dr. his 30 pesos, (about $2.50 CAD) and we were on our way.

This morning we headed down to the laboratory that is run by the Similares people also.  There were very few people ahead of us and after giving the clerk his information we maybe waited 5 minutes, then blood work, he handed in the urine sample and waited maybe another 5 minutes for the ECG.  She gave him a couple of minutes to remove the metallic objects on his person and his shirt and returned and did the test.

While we were waiting they had to do a blood test on a little girl about 1½ yrs. old.  We both figured we were in for some ear splitting screams; but she emerged with mom with a lollipop and dry eyes.  I said something to her mom about there being no tears.  Mom just proudly smiled and said no, she just sucked in her breath a bit and that was it.  Wow.

Cost for all of Roys tests was 324.00 pesos or about $27.02 CAD. We can pick up the results on Monday morning after 8 AM and then we will have to return to see the Dr.

All in all a good experience.  Very friendly, professional people, very clean place, would definitely go there again.  Thankfully, we didn't have any communication problems and were happy with the appt..

I did notice that they have a special on right now for the basic analyses.  For 426.00 pesos, (about $35.52 CAD), you can get your blood and urine tested for all the normal stuff and a ECG and something else.  It said that this checkup will tell you how well your liver, kidneys,heart, etc. are functioning plus your cholesterol levels, sugar, etc..  I thought is was a pretty good deal and am thinking I might go for that myself as I haven't had anything like that checked in a very, very long time. 

Next installment to follow.


Steve Cotton said...

My philosophy is if you do not take medical tests, you will be perfectly healthy. And, yes, it is a guy thing -- in general.

brenda said...

So I have been finding out via comments on Facebook. Men generally seem to agree with you and Roy. I guess I am not much better though as I have not had any of the so called yearly general check up tests done since long ago in Canada. Oh well, if it isn't broke why try and fix it?

Felipe Zapata said...

Which is why men die sooner than women.

brenda said...


Shannon Casey said...

I guess my husband is the exception. Whenever he sees a deal like that (we did one in Morelia a couple of years ago) he says we should avail ourselves of the opportunity. Were it just me, I would not bother. I hope all Roy's tests come out well!

brenda said...

Shannon, some came out well and others not so good. Updated the blog just now and more to follow later today probably.