Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's New?

Since returning from San Carlos, it seems we have been shopping, shopping and shopping.  Not that we have bought a lot of stuff; but it takes several trips to get what we are looking for.  You then wait the 2 days for delivery, send them back with the damaged stuff and wait another 2 days for them to return again.

Anyway we managed to purchase 2 new recliners, we decided the old ones had done their duty and were not worth cleaning.  We also hunted for a decent looking cabinet to put in the bedroom to store some of my art supplies, books, etc..  I wanted height to get more storage area; but alas not to be found.  Our choice was either kitchen type pantry cupboards or bedroom closet type cabinets.  The bedroom ones all have a big area to hang clothes which I didn't want.  I wanted shelves, shelves and more shelves.

In the end I settled for a kitchen pantry type cabinet made out of pine, not as high as I wanted and not the colour that I wanted; but we didn't have much choice really.  I was just too lazy to get a carpenter to build one and it would have been costlier in the long run.

Even buying a new laundry hamper entailed going to many stores before getting what I wanted at one of the grocery stores in the end.

I also want/need a new organizer shelf unit that goes over the toilet; but none are to be found here in any of the stores.  Strange as we bought our old one here.  Oh well, six months down the road all the stores will be full of them.

We stuck the old recliners out on the patio for now which makes for a really relaxing place to sit out there; although it looks rather weird.  The street cats that normally spend the night up here sleeping in our regular patio chairs are thinking they have died and gone to cat heaven I am sure.  I have put covers on the seats so that we don't get covered with hair when we sit down.

So everyone is happy.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

LOL, it's feast or famine. We have mysterious shortages all the time. One time I couldn't find canned garbanzos anywhere (and I know to look for them among the canned corn and peas not the canned beans).

Another time it was baking soda.

Merida is a big enough city that we usually can find everything on our shopping list.

Are you handy enough to put shelves in the roperos? I was concidering doing that to an extra one that I had but I sold it instead.


Brenda Maas said...

Theresa, yes who knows how the stores do their ordering.

As to putting shelves in a ropero I could have done it if I had the tools, which I don't. I did a lot of wood work in Canada, small furniture and lawn ornaments. I had a little side business selling my products; but there I had all the proper tools.
Here I have nothing and don't want to buy anymore tools as we have no place to store them.
The majority of the roperos were also wider than I had room for and were pretty nice furniture for storing paints, etc. in lol.
Some day I will have to put some photos on the blog of the stuff I used to build in Canada. Seems like a long time ago now lol.

diverdoug said...

It took me by surprise in Guaymas that you really have to know 'who has what' in order to efficiently shop. And, your patio looks comfortable indeed! So Brenda, you are a woodworker as well as a artist [recently]? Fantastic! I'm sure your fans would love to see pics of your Canadian wood profession. I was going to bring my wood tools when we move to Guaymas, but there doesn't seem to be much lumber readily available. But I did see carpenters in Aconchi.
And, did you ever find cupcake paper liners?

Shannon said...

It seems like you never seem to find what you want until you have settled for something else. Murphy's Law.

It kind of sounds like the neighbourhood cats are about to set up housekeeping on your patio, LOL.

Brenda Maas said...

Diverdoug: Yes, the shopping takes a bit to figure out when you first come here.
I did a fair amount of small woodworking in Canada as a sideline. Mostly stuff out of pine as it is an easy wood to work with.

There is lumber available, lots of lumber yards; but it is not cheap here for sure.

Yes, I believe Aconchi area makes a lot of furniture; but they are higher up and have more wood more readily available to them.

Oh yes, no problem with the cupcake liners, just had to go to the right store lol.

Shannon: That is soooo true for the shopping isn't it?
Yes, the cats are very comfy up here lol; but then we "pussy foot" around them when they are sleeping up here lol so they are not very fearful of us.

calypso said...

Hola Brenda and Roy - Hey can you send me the link to the info you posted on Steve's Blog about the feidocomiso's

Thanks Brenda