Monday, May 07, 2012

Sunday Evening In Centro

Last evening we went downtown to have dinner and to watch some of the dancing on the Malecon for International Day of Dance.  They had dancers from various groups in Guaymas such as the Casa de la Cultura and Belles Artes and some dance groups also from Obregon, the next city south of us.

We had a good dinner, both of us having a loaded hamburger and fries.  I am sure this sounds silly to anyone up north; but it has been ages since I have had a hamburger and fries.  It is not something we eat when we go out here.  This one was pretty good.  Loaded with bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, grilled onion, jalapeno,cheese and sauces.  Ok, I can cross that craving off the list for another year or so, ha ha.

I did take the camera; but never thought to take any photos of either our food or the scenes at the park that we faced as we ate.  Too everyday and normal now I guess, just never thought of it.

We then wandered over to the Plaza de 3 Presidentes, where lots of families were just hanging out, visiting and buying stuff from the vendors, and yes, again the camara stayed in its case, oops.

Over to the Malecon where the dancers were supposed to be set up.  They hadn't started yet so we wandered, chatted with some people we knew and watched all the activity.  The Malecon comes to life in the evening and especially on a Sunday evening.  Lots of families, dog walkers, etc..

 They have lots of things for the kids to do, so it is a busy place.  You can rent a motorized car for your child to ride, or a tricycle, let them ride on the kiddie train or paint a picture or plaque.

  You can buy them enough drinks and junk food of any kind to put them on a sugar high for the next week, and then let them run it off as there is lots of room.  You can wander over and watch the fountain do its thing or just sit on the sea wall and look at the bay and the lights of the city twinkling around you.

It is just a lovely place to relax and gear up for the week to come, definitely a  great place to take the family or your current girlfriend/boyfriend for a romantic stroll along the water.

The dancers started; but we couldn't see them very well from where we were sitting on the sea wall and all the chairs were taken, so after standing and watching for a while, we decided to leave.

It was a nice evening out and we enjoyed it as we always do.


Gloria said...

Hi Brenda. Good to see you. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. How wonderful that you took that hamburger and totally enjoyed it. I also love that you said "until next year." We have a hamburger from time to time, from a good place that puts fresh tomatoes and lettuce, etc. Nice pictures. Have a wonderful week. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Brenda Maas said...

Hi Gloria, nice to hear from you.
Yes, we seldom order a burger here; but that one was good.
You have a great week also.

Gloria said...

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Brenda Maas said...

Thanks for the info. Gloria, I had actually gone and looked it up after reading your blog.

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Have a good day and enjoy your green drink.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda, have been looking through a bunch of stuff on Mexico. My wife and I are thinking to retire down there somewhere.. We've only been down there a few times to Cozumel and Cancun. Not looking for that type place.. Looking for a place we can live on a very limited amount. Beautiful pictures ! Have a lot of questions if you could email me.. email is >> We live in oklahoma.

Brenda Maas said...

Hi Dennis. Thanks for reading.
I have sent you an email.

1st Mate said...

I'm always intrigued by Guaymas at night, it's quite a bit different from the day. I'd love to sail over there in early July when we're heading over to Baja, drop the hook in the anchorage or tie up at the marina and spend an evening enjoying the night life. I've just about got the Capt talked into it. During the day we could provision for the rest of the trip at tianguis and Moy, all walking distance. Maybe you can recommend a good place for dinner, or better yet, join us.

Brenda Maas said...

I love the malecon in the evenings, it is a calmer, family time, especially Sunday evenings; during the day everyone is rushing about to get their errands done and get home to their chores.

I think you would enjoy an evening there; but it is quite a long way to walk with groceries, etc. from the tianguis to the marina, even from Moy. July is pretty hot for such a long walk, and veggies are heavy. I would recommend walking from Tianguis to Moy then to the bus stop at Serdan and 18th or 19 th St. (kind of in the middle) and taking any bus that says TERMO on it and getting off right in front of the marina gates, that is if you are parked in the marina.
It is a LONG walk from the tianguis to the gates of the marina.
If you park in the anchorage and then take your dingy and tie up closer to the tianguis it would be a better walk in July.

For dinner, that is a tough one. We used to love eating at Club Nautico right at the marina; but it closed and that is now a bar, not sure if they serve food or not. There is not much else around there unless you try Loncheria Doney, (corner of calle 25 and Serdan) they are not bad and there is a little Torta shop now on the same side of the street but closer to the marina, it is OK also, not great; but OK.
There is a nice cafe, really good coffee in one of the buildings on the Plaza de la Pistola, or you could just graze at the food stands lol. Sky coffee shop on the plaza 13 de Julio would be open and they also have food, salads, etc. and not bad coffee and really good iced coffee drinks, yum. There is always Pancho Villa on the plaza also. Other than those you would have to go further down toward centro and there isn't a lot there really. 1000 Tortas at around 18 th street and Serdan, there is a new Chinese food place that is at around the area of maybe 15 or 16 street, sorry forget.
I am sure you would enjoy it.