Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Surroundings

Not much to say, life goes on in the same old way as usual here.  Spring has sprung and the temperatures are warming up.

We didn't have anything planned yesterday evening so we went to the open air tianguis (market) in Guaymas Norte, we haven't been to that one for ages.

For a change I took the camera with me and took a few pictures of our surrounding hills or mountains, whichever you want to call them.  They are throughout the city and to me they make the city seem smaller as they divide up the colonias giving them a feeling of privacy and a small town feeling.  Naturally they also affect the lay out of the street grids and can make it confusing when you are new in town.

There was the usual assortment of things for sale, everything from food to tools as usual.

 We didn't see anything that struck our fancy  and proceeded onto our next idea which was anything but based in reality.

Our favorite stand in the neighbourhood that sold tortas in the evenings closed down perhaps a year or more ago.  One day I spoke to the lady as we met on the street and she told me that they had opened a stand in Guaymas Norte selling shrimp tacos, etc..  We continued chatting about the children, etc. and the only real information I got was that they were close to the grocery store out there.  We were so busy chatting that I never thought to ask her which grocery store, if they were open morning or evening or the exact directions to their stand.  DUH I know; but we were chatting about her youngest daughter who we used to treat with a paleta when we went to their place to eat.  She was such a little sweetheart and went from being scared of us to sitting on either of our knees and eating with us.  Too cute, we miss her.

So last night after wandering around the market we decided to look around and see if we could see them at a stand somewhere.  Naturally we did not.  We looked at various stands; but couldn't decide what we wanted to eat so we grabbed a bus and headed back into town.  We discussed various food options on the way and finally decided that we would like pizza, so were going to try the Little Caesars as we haven't ever been there. No seating area so we went to Dominos which we have never tried either, no seating again.  We ended up back at Papa Johns as we know their pizza is good and it was.

Full and happy we headed home.  A nice evening out.


Steve Cotton said...

And that is the type of day I have come to cherish here.

Felipe Zapata said...

I like that kind of desert mountain world. Always wanted to live in that sort of environment.

Brenda said...

Steve, yup, that is pretty much our life lol. Not exactly life in the fast lane; but life as we love it.

Felipe: that surprises me considering the temperatures that go along with the scenery and the temperatures that you find comfortable. Come visit any time.

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