Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Errands

It is Monday so I guess it is the day for errands.  I know it is Monday as the school a couple of blocks away always has their "civic Monday" events over the loudspeaker bright and early.  They announce things, explain things to the children, play music and play games.  We can hear it all and it is a nice beginning to the morning listening to the childrens laughter.

I have been needing to get a haircut for the last 2 weeks or so and it finally got to a point where I could no longer stand it so made the effort this morning.  I walked down to our usual stylist but she was closed, I can never remember if she is open Mondays or not.  I caught a bus and headed to the Casa de la Cultura where I wanted to order a couple of canvases from the fellow who works there in the mornings and does this as a sideline.  I ordered 2 canvases from him, both 30 cm. x 38 cm. x 5 cm., lets see in inches they would be about 12 in. x 15 in. x 2 in., for a total cost of 120 pesos which is about $9.43 CAD., they will be ready for me on Wednesday.
I then wandered down the street and bought a liter of brush cleaner from a paint shop.  I headed over to a miscellaneous store looking for gold oil paint; but, no hay, don't have it.

I continued down the street until I found a stylist who wasn't too busy and for 50 pesos, about $3.93 CAD got my haircut, naturally I also give a tip.
That done, I was almost at the mercado, (downtown market), so decided to see what my favorite veggie lady had today as I was out of all the stand by veggies.
She still has sweet corn, yum.

This is what I bought from her:
 5 cobs of corn
 4 potatoes
 4 onions
7 carrots
 11 tomatoes
 a bunch of spinach.
 The ladies usually have things bagged up in clear plastic bags and each bag is 10 pesos; the spinach was 5 pesos for the bunch.  This makes it easier for everyone as the money works out evenly.
All this for a grand total of 55 pesos or about $4.32 CAD.

I gave the prices as I haven't done that for awhile and people are always curious as to how much things cost here.  The veggie prices vary depending on what is in season, at the moment Tomatoes are cheap.  Oranges are also in season now and the price is about 10 pesos for 3 kilos or about $ 0.79 (cents) for 6.6 pounds, which would be about $ 0.12 cents a pound.

Anyway that was my morning.
This evening I think we are going to the opening of a photo exhibit at the Casa de la Cultura.  It is called Alas, Aletas, y Alegrias which means Fins, Wings and Happiness (or Joy). It is photos taken on or around the Sea of Cortes where we live so should be interesting.  There will be drinks and snacks also I am sure, there usually is.


Anonymous said...

in japan you pay that much for 3 or 4 tomatoes-but we love it here even if things are expensive.

teresa in nagoya

Brenda said...

Hi Teresa, glad you are enjoying it there, despite the costs; although I would expect the wages are somewhat higher than what they are here.

kelsi said...

I have been bragging about my really cheap $15 Walmart haircut. But clearly I need to hand over bragging rights to you.
Well done! :)

Brenda said...

Hi Kelsi. That is pretty much the going rate here for ladies cuts, mens are cheaper. As with everything you can always find places that cost more, the higher rent locations pass on the cost to you as is normal everywhere. This is in Guaymas, San Carlos naturally is much higher.
Mens cuts are cheaper.
Hope all goes well with your repair job.

diverdoug said...

So glad you are keeping up the blogs Brenda, it keeps me in touch with my future home. Edna has adapted well to Northern Calif, as has her daughter, but Guaymas will always be home for them and me in another 1.3 years. We were married in late December and yes, her arm was broke due to ice skating perils. Take care, Doug

Brenda said...

HI Doug, this comment finally showed up, not sure what was going on before that it took so long.
Glad you read along and that I can keep you up to date on what is going on or a little bit anyway. I am sure Ednas family keeps you up to date much better than I do.
Yikes, ice skating. I hope she heals quickly.