Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where Do I Start?

It has been over a month since I actually blogged, not because I have been lazy; but because life intervened.
I flew to Canada on the 1 st of August and arrived at the hospital  my mom had been sent to, on the morning of August  2 nd., after travelling for 22 hours.  I can now say I have spent the night in the Calgary airport, something that was not on my bucket list, by the way.
Moms husband, my siblings and their spouses had been sitting with mom for a couple of days by this point and we all continued to sit with her until she passed away on August 4.
Then ensued the usual funeral planning and so on.  A very sad time for all the family.  Mom will be greatly missed by all her family and friends.

While I was in Canada I was told that one of our favourite dogs, (some friends of our belonged to him), Geordie passed away.  Another sad thing, and we will miss him a lot as I know our friends are.  RIP Geordie, you were the best of the best.  I still have ice cubes in the freezer for you, can't seem to bring myself to throw them away yet.

There were some bright spots during the month I was away.  I got to visit with some of my aunts and uncle and cousins that I haven't seen very much of in the last many years.
I got to spend a lot of time with my new grand daughter, she is a joy at 7 months.  I stayed with them for a week or so in their new,(to me), home.  We went camping for a weekend and I got to go out on their fishing boat.
 I also got to visit the acreage that my sister and husband have just purchased and finally met some of the girlfriends of my nephews.
I got to spend a bit of time with some of my step-grandchildren, which was lovely, as the last flying trip I made there I didn't get to see them.  They are growing up so fast it is amazing, they are fantastic kids.

I have many pictures to share of the new grand daughter another day.

Since I have been home I have signed up for and started another art class, it should be interesting.  More on that later also.

Then there is the usual laundry, grocery shopping, etc..

Roy got his top plate while I was gone and it didn't fit well, so I went with him to the dentist on Monday to discuss that, hopefully that was resolved Wednesday morning.

It also is time for us to re-new our FM3's, I hemmed and hawed about changing to an FM2 again this year; but in the end went the easy way and just continued on with the FM3.  I just didn't feel like dealing with new requirements right now.

I went to the immigration office on Monday to see what they were requiring this year, as with the new laws I wasn't sure what was happening.  It seems that they are still doing the same as they did last year and required the same documents, which are as follows, (remember this is for a renewal, not a first time):

1.  photos: 3 front shots, 3 side shots, infantil size, white background, colour photo, no glasses, etc..

2.  recent bank statements, we had bank statements from both Canada and Mexico so I was told I didn't need to get translations of our Canadian statements, (according to the lady I spoke with anyway, your mileage may vary on this one).

3.  copy of our passport photo and information page.

4.  The paper you get printed out after you fill in the form online.

5.  A letter asking for your FM3 to be renewed (more or less).

We returned Tuesday morning to the office and gave the guy all our papers and he printed us out the papers with the numbers and passwords to check the progress online and told us the cards would be ready in about a week.
Pretty simple again this year, as it was last year; but then we don't have our cards yet lol.  I will let you know when we get them or if there are any glitches to be ironed out.  So far when I put our numbers in their site I am getting a pop up saying they can't be found.  We shall see.

When we returned home from immigration Tuesday morning we were sitting and cooling off when suddenly the air conditioner in the living room quit.  Roy had had a problem with it when I was away and the landlord got someone to come in and apparently he glued the one part back on; but a little crooked.  It is now very noisy and Roy was sure when it stopped that it had burnt the motor out.  I went and checked on the bedroom one and it was also off along with the bedroom light.  I went downstairs and talked to the landlord who explained that a brother in law had done some work awhile back and switched out a 70 Amp breaker for 2 - 30 Amp breakers, (not good), so basically the breaker had flipped.  He reset it and everything was working fine again.
I then tried to get a hold of a fellow to come and look at this noisy one and order the part and fix it, I couldn't get his number to work for some reason and ended up having someone else call him for me.  They couldn't get him on the phone and left a message.  He never showed up or called before I went to art class and when I returned home he had not appeared either.   I will tried again on Wednesday and still couldn't get him, so called someone else.  The other fellow showed up around 6 PM or so and took away the fan to go and order/buy a replacement today.  Still haven't heard anything from him this morning.  We are without an air conditioner in the living room so we are a bit warm, we have the bedroom one going with a fan directed out to the living room and it is OK.

I had spoken to my Spanish teacher and she told me that our lesson has been changed to Wed. mornings as Bliss is taking a guitar lesson on Tuesdays.  This works out better for me as well, as my art classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so will be easier to go to Spanish class on Wednesday mornings.  A good change for both of us.

I finally finished a pastel painting of a cat that I had started before I headed to Canada and am still working on the oil painting of the Bird of Paradise that I started during the 4 week summer session class.  I have had very little time or energy to do much with those as I had to get my drawing ready for the painting I am going to be doing in class this session.

Tuesday evening while I was at art class we had a short, heavy rainstorm, so the hills should stay green for a while now.  I was amazed to see how green they were when I arrived back home a week ago, there had been a few showers while I was gone and everything looked so fresh and green in comparison to how it was when I left.  Wednesday because of the humidity from the rain the "feels like" temperature at 11 AM when I went to Spanish class was 46 Celcius.  A bit warm even for me.

The landlords grandchildren seem like they all grew a foot in the month I was away, hard to believe they can change so fast in a month.

I have been home for a week now and feel like I have been running ever since I stepped out of the airplane.  It is good to see family; but it is even better to be home.

More later.


Calypso said...

SO sorry about your mom passing Brenda. Part of getting older is dealing with losing the generation before us - as we fill their shoes.

Happy to read life is getting back to normal including the usual Mexican version of red tape ;-)

Brenda said...

Thank you Calypso, unfortunately you are right about losing the older generation, it was really brought home to me as I looked around at the faces of my aunts and uncle and realized just how many faces are now missing.
Yes, life is getting back to normal and even the red tape wasn't bad again this year.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Welcome back! I had the same problem with finding our stuff at the INM site, turns out I was entering the wrong number. It's the pieza number on the top left of the page they gave you and then there is a pull down menu after you enter your password with the choice of NUT (numero unico de tramite).

Gloria said...

You are a strong woman Brenda and if I wore a hat, I'd take it off for you. Glad to see you are getting on. It's always so sad to watch our loved ones leave us, how we hurt. We go on though because we have too. ::hugs:: to you. Enjoy your class.

Brenda said...

Thanks Gloria, yes we don't have much choice but to carry on, regardless of how sad we are.

Theresa: Thanks. I had tried that "pieza" number but with the original password that they gave us when I printed off the forms to begin with, never thought of using that number with the new password on the page from the office.
It is now letting me in and telling me that it has been received, assigned, classified, paid for, etc..
Thanks a lot.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Brenda, I did the exact same thing! Great minds think alike, just sometimes we both come to the wrong conclusion!


Brenda said...

Theresa, today it asked me to fill in the personal data forms and save them. Last year we filled those out right in the office right before getting our cards, so that is a bit different. Hopefully it all works out lol. Said it saved them so who knows.