Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michells Birthday Party

Thursday evening I skipped art class and Roy and I went to one of the landlords grand daughters 9 th birthday party, (turned out class was cancelled anyway because of the holiday).  The party was held at the Salon de Eventos Titanico where they have pools and water slides.  With the heat here the kids were just loving being in the water.

Snacks, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and drinks were enjoyed by all, followed by a meal of Pastel Sorpresa, salad and beans.  Cake of course followed, along with goody bags for all.  We gave our goody bags to some of the kids and received big smiles in return.

 (Pastel Sorpresa is basically a huge sandwich with various filling, covered with yellow cheese and decorated with some chilis and eaten with a fork.  I kind of remember something similar to this being served at showers, etc. in Canada; but don't remember what it was called.)

A fun evening as usual.

Three pools and 2 water slides.


The birthday girl with her cake and gifts.

Grandma holding the newest grand child who was making a very funny face.


Calypso said...

I am enjoying the photos from your new camera ;-)

Brenda said...

Thanks, I haven't played with it too much yet and for sure haven't even begun to read the manual lol. Reading manuals always seems like too much work and not much fun so it is always the last thing I do.

Crazy Rita said...

The pool looks inviting. What did you put on the corn on the cob?

Brenda said...

Rita: the kids were sure enjoying it and the adults that were in there watching/playing with them also.
The usual, (well for here anyway),on the corn: mayo, cheese and chili.

Gloria said...

Looks like a lot of fun Brenda. Hope all is well with you and yours and hope you are doing a little better now. Corn on the cob sounds great and by the way, your paintings of cats are just wonderful.

Brenda said...

Hi Gloria, things are going Ok. Thanks a lot for the compliment on the cat.
Have a great day. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

S. said...

Hola Brenda,
It's been eons since we last communicated but it's nice to see you are still in Guaymas - my childhood city home :)
Hope to stop by more often to say hello. Take care and enjoy the Fall - you wouldn't know the change in season judging by the temperatures we are currently "enjoying"!
Hasta luego y saludos from Puerto Vallarta~

Brenda said...

Hi S., yes we can't tell it is fall either by our temperatures. Still hot and humid; but should lose the humidity in a couple of weeks then it will be nice.
Yes, we are still here in Guaymas and have no plans to move, it is home.
Take care and stay cool.