Monday, July 04, 2011


We had a nice little shower at some point during the night.  I have no idea how much as a rain gauge is not something we have here, not really a necessary thing usually.  It was enough to settle the dust anyway.  It is cloudy this morning and a bit cooler so we have the windows and door open.  The temperature at 8 AM was 27 C. with 84% humidity and the "feels like" temperature was 31 C. so it feels great.  Nicer weather than Saturday afternoon when we had a big dust storm, my allergies did not like that so I was really plugged up yesterday.  Great to have a bit of rain to get all the dust off of everything.
No rain pictures as I slept through it all.

Summer session art class starts today so I will be busy for the next month as I think class is 4 days a week.  We also will be taking our paintings from the last class over to the gallery sometime in the next week for the Mar Bermejo Festival.


Steve Cotton said...

Whoever thought we would be praising the arrival of rain? My agragrian ancestors are happy.

Brenda said...

Steve, so true and my ancestors also.
Sounds like you're having a great time in San Miguel.

Leslie Limon said...

With the arrival of summer, came the rains and cooler, cloudier days. And I for one am enjoying a break from the heat and humidity! :)

Brenda said...

Leslie: Our summer is really just beginning and by far the worst heat and humidity is yet to come. To me September is the worst month here.
We don't often get rain unless there is a big storm close so this is a lovely break.
Have a good day.

el jubilado said...

Please take some of our rain ... it hasn't stopped for 2 weeks (Melaque)

Brenda said...

El Jubilado, wow that is a lot of rain. It would take a cataclysmic event to happen before it would rain for 2 weeks here and if it did I would be extremely depressed from the lack of sun I think.
I hate to think of the mosquitoes you will have after all that rain. That is one of the few blessings of little rainfall, we have very few mosquitoes or jejenes here; although they do spray also because of the threat of Dengue.
Stay dry.

Gloria said...

We had a little rain here a few days ago Brenda and it seems it just set things in motion for the stifling heat we are having right now. Hope your 4th was great and how fun that you are really getting so involved with your art classes. 4 days a week, that's great. Enjoy, have fun and viva la vida!!

Brenda said...

Gloria, we have had a few cloudy days and while it is humid it has not been as hot. I think it was around 35 C. today, sorry would have to convert that to see what it is in Fahrenheit.
Not being American the 4 th is just another day to us, hope yours was great though.
The summer session of classes is only for the month of July which is why it is for 4 days a week. Each class is only for 1 1/2 hrs. though so it is not too hectic.
Thanks for stopping by.