Saturday, July 09, 2011

Opening Of The Art Walk For The Festival Mar Bermejo

Friday night was the opening ceremonies for both the Mar Bermejo Festival and the Art Walk that is showing during the festival.
The openings were held in several venues with the first one being at the Casa de la Cultura at 6 PM.
There are two different areas of art work at the Casa de la Cultura.  In the patio there are large works of a size specified by the committee for the display, quite a large size.  I have no artwork in this exhibition as I have no where to place a work of this size after the exhibition and therefore didn't want to do one.  The second display is in the gallery at the Casa de la Cultura by an artist by the name of Zacarias Paez Casanova according to the banner on the outside of the building.  With the opening ceremonies out of the way refreshments were served and people viewed the works, mingled and chatted.
All the pictures in this post are from the Casa de la Cultura, my camera didn't like the lighting at the PincelArte gallery so none of the photos from there turned out..
The second or third opening was to be either at the Civic Auditorium or the PincelArte Gallery, due to a bit of a mix up they were both scheduled for 7 PM.
We decided to head to the PincelArte gallery as that is where my classes paintings are displayed.  I was asked if I could put the name tags on the paintings done by my class, as it hadn't gotten done in the shuffle of activity.  That done Roy and I viewed the displays and chatted with people until the heat in the old building drove us to find some cooler air.
The building that houses the PincelArte gallery is around 200 years old with the old style ceiling used here at one time and there is no air conditioning in the gallery.
Roy and I headed outdoors and walked over to the malecon and sat on the sea wall to drink a nice cold coke, we could have had drinks inside the gallery; but opted to get outside and try to cool off.  We decided that we weren't going to bother going back in there to see the opening ceremony and just sat and relaxed.
I am not sure when or if the mayor and others ended up there as they were also doing an opening ceremony at the Civic Auditorium where there is more artwork displayed in the lobby.  The state governor was in town and was supposed to be at that part of the opening and then there was an opera there afterwards.
We never did head over there, as we were hot and decided just to go home.
I enjoyed the evening despite the heat, Roy I think was somewhat bored as I ended up chatting with quite a few people about our class and the art displayed by our class, not too riveting for him as he has heard it all before.
There are many activities going on everyday until the 13 th, and as far as I know it is all free so if you are from this area come on downtown and enjoy yourself.

This is the banner for the summer courses at the Casa de la Cultura, it has nothing to do with Mar Bermejo, I just thought it was cute.

This seashell painting is my favorite one of the whole exhibition it is lovely.

One of the paintings by the artist in the gallery, Zacarias Paez Casanova.


1st Mate said...

I'm trying to get up the energy to go view these exhibits and see some folklorico dance. It would be very special for me, to see your work on exhibit. The issue, as usual, is the heat.

Brenda said...

1ST Mate: Yes, I know you have trouble with the heat.
I think ??? that PincelArte is open from 5PM to 8 PM that was the plan; but as you know that is written in sand usually.
The dancing is of course during the day; but you can usually find some shade under a tree if it is in the trece de julio parque.
I need to look at the schedule for today and see if there is anything we want to go and see.
Have a good day and maybe see you in class on Tues..