Saturday, May 21, 2011

This, That and The Other

The new art gallery in town, Pincel Arte de Guaymas, is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM, (according to their sign), so this morning we went downtown to have a look at what is displayed.  It is on the street where the Palacio Municipal is, beside the P.M. is a white building and the next building houses the gallery on the second floor.  The stairway is quite steep so if going be careful on it.
The building itself inside is interesting.  The lady told us that the building is around 200 years old and it still has the old wooden floors and the ceiling is of the old type that was used here many years ago.  It has wooden beams, the bamboo poles all across, then some matting and if it is like other old buildings that I have been told about, it would then have a foot or two of dirt over that.  This construction was supposed to keep the building much cooler in summer I have been told.  I am not sure if this construction has the earth on top of the bamboo poles as of course you can't see and I never thought to ask the lady if she knew.  Sorry, I never thought to take any pictures of the interior of the building.  There are seats and benches placed in all the rooms so you can sit and view the art if you want.
We wandered around and looked at the art, signed the guestbook that the lady asked us to and headed over to the Malecon.

It was pretty quiet over on the Malecon being before noon on a Saturday, so we sat and relaxed and looked out over the bay.
There is a big blue ship, boat, dredger ???? in the bay still, it was there when we were down there the last time and is still there.  I read that they are dredging so that it is deep enough to accommodate about 15 Navy ships that will being coming in to celebrate Navy/Marine day on June 1 st., so perhaps this is what it is doing.  Not sure.

There is also 1 big Navy ship that we could see, docked at the moment.  It is hard to see in the picture as it is gray.

There is lots of other action in town with troops training for their demonstrations that they will be putting on for the Marine Day celebrations, I am sure that they will want it all to be perfect as the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon is supposed to be here to help celebrate on June 1st.

One new thing to view on the malecon was this giant necklace of plastic bottles. The artists have placed a sign beside it explaining it.  A young boy came to look at it while we were looking and he said to me, "I can read that, it says Don't throw garbage".  Hopefully the message will sink it.

After our fun we headed over to the grocery and did our big shopping for the month and grabbed a cab home.
This afternoon we headed downstairs to a "come and meet me" party to welcome young Santiago, landlords new grandson, into the world.  Snacks and conversation flowed.
A good day all around.


1st Mate said...

The Guaymas Malecón is a beautiful spot, and a lot of fun to visit on a weekend when families are relaxing in the cool seabreeze.

I hope the plastic bottle art gets some attention, and that folks keep the message in mind. Kids seem to be getting some education about littering in school and maybe on TV, which is encouraging. But then you see the aftermath of Semana Santa and you have to wonder...

In 1990 at Miguel Antonio wildlife refuge in Costa Rica we saw a huge towering sculpture built out of refuse, with a fence around it, created to get across the same message. It did seem there was less trash in evidence around there, but of course it was a protected area with fines for littering.

Brenda said...

1st Mate: The city is much cleaner now than when we first moved here, centro for sure. The colonias are much the same; although the city is trying.
Sometimes it seems the message is getting through and then I see something that just makes me shake my head. It will take time as it did in other countries.