Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby Gift

I have been busy attempting to make a baby gift for the landlords new grandson that is to be born on May 17 th, the same day as my oldest sons birthday.  I worked at it while we were in San Carlos for a week and finished it so just had to have it framed when we got home.
I am now working on a picture for my mom for Mothers Day, and yes, I do realize that it is going to be very late getting there.  I wanted to finish the baby gift first in case they had a baby shower for her before the baby is born.

Grandpa, (our landlord) loves to fish as a hobby so naturally all the grandsons are also interested in fishing, so I thought I would stick with that theme and start the new baby off with the right thoughts.
I hope the daughter in law likes it.
We spent a week in San Carlos looking after our friends dog and cat and I have a few pictures that I have to post from there.  We didn't do too much while we were there as I did something to my hip and could hardly walk for 2 or 3 days so it was pretty relaxing compared to our usual hectic schedule, (tongue in cheek).


Barb said...

Brenda, that is absolutely adorable. Who doesn't find Pooh and Piglet irrestible? The fishing pole is a nice touch. And it's handmade...the best kind of gift!

Anonymous said...

that is precious! you did a great job! of course the mom will like it and so will the baby as he gets older.

teresa in lake stevens

Brenda said...

Barb: Thank You. Yes, there is something about Pooh bear isn't there? When I was cleaning out stuff when I left Canada I found my youngest sons Pooh bear. He had traveled with us on our trips all over the place. I couldn't bear to throw him out and gave it back to my son who is now 28 yrs. old. Too funny looking at this tall young man holding a Pooh Bear.

Teresa: Thanks, fingers crossed that she will like it, I will never really know as she is so polite she would never let on if she didn't. They are also building a new home so they should have some free wall space in the new babies room when the house is finished.

Tancho said...

Can I commission you to do some other subjects? You have a great talent!

kelsi said...

What a sweet picture, Brenda.
Your landlords must be thrilled that you and Roy moved to Guaymas... you are such a great Canadian ambassador to Mexico!

Trinidad said...

Brenda it's magnificent! You chose a frame that complimented your work very well. I hope they like it, I know if I was on the receiving end I would be oh so happy to receive such a gift!

Brenda said...

Tancho: Thanks and sure could try.

Kelsi: Wow, thanks so much.

Trinidad: Thank you very much.

Gloria said...

Brenda that is so darn cute. Who wouldn't want this painting. It's awesome. You are a very good painter. I want that painting. :()I'm sure the recipient will be very please. It's very nice of you. Have a great day.

Brenda said...

Thanks Gloria, I am sure your hubby would love to have a painting of Pooh Bear lol. I hope she likes it.