Monday, April 04, 2011

A Queen In Our Midst

One day last week the little daughter, who is around 4 yrs. old, of one of our landladies nieces came up to see us.  She gave us a picture of herself and tried to explain that she was running for Queen in her school for Dia de los Ninos.  With her mothers assistance we understood her story, she is quite shy and was speaking very softly and wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to tell us.  She asked us for a donation and so we gladly forked over the cash, 20 pesos.
She is a little cutie and her picture doesn't do her justice.

Yesterday afternoon she came up on her own and explained that Diego was wanting to come up and see us.  Diego visits us regularly, (grandson of landlord, he is just over 2 yrs. old) and he enjoys getting a sucker from us.  We quiz him on his colours and he has them down pat.  Anyway Ari, the little girl, kept mentioning Diego and I assumed that they both wanted suckers so did my duty as a spoiling person and got out the suckers.  She was happy and when I went outside with her, her grandma and Diego were patiently waiting on the stair landing.  Diego was happy to see his sucker.  Aris grandma explained that Ari had won the contest and is now the queen for the day at her school.  I asked if there was to be a parade and she said no; but that they would bring her by for us to see her.
Burying my personal thoughts about little girl beauty pageant things, I congratulated her and everyone was happy.
Shortly thereafter Ari again returned to "visit" with us.  She didn't ask for another sucker; but I knew it was on her mind.  We have decided on a 1 sucker a day limit so that we aren't the cause of major dental bills so I chatted with her until her mom came hunting her down.
This is the little girl who Roy spent some time holding up in the air so she could see the Christmas Parade so I guess she has decided that we are entered into her safety zone now, as she was always pretty shy around us before that.


Steve Cotton said...

I am with you on the little girl beauty pageants. I am not certain why we are afraid to let children be children.

Brenda said...

Steve: it seems like where we are things like this are a part of being a little girl.
I just don't like the basic idea of it myself; but then I have never been even close to being classified as a "girly girl" I was always more of a tomboy, climbing trees, etc. so maybe there is more to it than what I see as just plain not good in any way, shape or form.
Little girls here seem to be trained in the art of being an attractive package from day 1.

Steve Cotton said...

I have even watched older sisters posing little girls for photographs so they will look "sexy." It starts young.

Brenda said...

Yes, it starts young, very young. I guess it is a cultural thing and my mind hasn't sufficiently adjusted yet to this aspect of the culture and probably never will.

Gloria said...

Me too Brenda. I always was a tomboy, in a way I still am except I can't climb trees any longer. Tee Hee. I persnally don't care for dressing up children with lots of lipstick and rouge, eye makeup and then just having them walk up and down for people to see. It's the way I feel. Have a great week Brenda from one tomboy to another. :)))

Brenda said...

Gloria: I am still a tomboy also, I don't spend a lot of time on my hair and can't wear makeup as I am allergic to it. No matter what I do I manage to get dirty, just like a little kid. Oh well, life is fun.
I agree with your feelings on the little girl thing; but don't make an issue of it here with people.

zapatatales said...

Mighty cute kid.

-- Felipe

Brenda said...

Yes, she is and so far she is also well behaved.
Have a good day.

Leslie Limon said...

She is a cutie!

As for beauty pageants for little girls...I don't like them either. Both of my girls have been asked, on numerous occasions, to be a Princessa or a Reyna. We are flattered, but Hubby and I have a strong NO BEAUTY PAGEANTS policy! And my girls understand. They'd rather be outside playing or drawing or reading.

I could go on and on about this subject.

Brenda said...

Leslie, I also have strong opinions on the subject and I have never had daughters. It rubs against my feminist side like coarse sandpaper.
On the other hand little Ari was happy so I keep my mouth shut.
In Canada I was more vocal about my views; but here as a foreigner I tend to keep some things like that to myself as I don't think it is my business to criticize other peoples customs.

Vacation Remix said...

Enjoyed the blog post!