Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updating Links And A Funny Story

So many bloggers have been moving their blogs or changing blog names lately that some of my links were outdated.  This evening I finally fixed up the ones that needed fixing.  That is about the only thing I did today.

I have been feeling kind of lousy for the last week almost, not really sick and I don't really have a cold; but I do have an awful persistent cough.  I did have a slight fever for a day or so; but that passed and now all I have is that awful cough and a definite, serious lack of sleep.  I am almost wondering if I have a touch of Whooping Cough.  I haven't even been able to sleep in my recliner which usually works when I have a cold.  So I am pretty much a useless zombie at the moment.

Roy has been cooking for himself as I haven't really had an appetite and yesterday he needed a couple of eggs so he went across the street to the little tienda to get a couple.
He came home with the eggs, laughing hard, and had a funny story to tell me.  When he got to the store he looked in the usual place for the eggs and couldn't see them so started to ask the storekeeper.  He went totally blank for the Spanish word for "eggs".  A bit of background here. Roy is very good at playing charades in the stores to find what he wants when he is on his own, we know the store lady fairly well and she has a great sense of humour, so he resorted to charades.  I guess he clucked a few times like a chicken and then mimed cracking open an egg and putting it in a pan.  The lady laughed and went into the back room and returned with 2 eggs for him.  I guess they were both just splitting with laughter by the time he left the store.
This same store lady has a Siamese cat that her granddaughters named "Clifford" after Clifford the Big Red Dog books.  She also provides lunch for the health workers that go through the neighbourhood on the Dengue checks, etc..  One day on her white board she had a menu written, there was a variety of dishes listed and I stopped to read it.  I doubled up with laughter as the menu items were all something to do with the cat.  There were tacos de Clifford, Clifford a la plancha and various other items.  The health workers were all laughing and getting a kick out of it.  It is very seldom that you go over there and don't leave laughing.  A good neighbour whose husband unfortunately, suddenly passed away a couple of months ago from a heart attack. She now does all the store keeping on her own; but her sense of humour to the public has not changed at all.


Gloria said...

Hope you feel better soon Brenda. That's a funny story, the clucking and all. tee hee. You know...why don't you get a couple of hens? They'll provide you with a couple eggs a day and they aren't really hard to take care of. We have or had two hens, now only one but the one hen is enough eggs for us. Anyway, tell your husband he is funny.:)) Get well soon.

Brenda said...

Thanks Gloria. I will tell Roy what you said.
We live in a second story apartment so am afraid that we can't have any chickens. There is the odd one in the neighbourhood though they free range so not sure if anyone gets the eggs or not.
Have a great day.

Steve Cotton said...

Great story. Tell Roy he will soon earn the Marcel Marceau award.

Brenda said...

Thanks,I'll tell him Steve.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

LOVE the charades!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

Linda, it is pretty funny alright.
Take care of your health, thinking of you.

Billie said...

Brenda, this year there has been a cough going around in San Miguel that people are calling the 90-day cough because they have such a hard time getting over it. They can't sleep at night and they don't feel like eating. I hope it hasn't spread to the West.
Take care of yourself.

Brenda said...

Billie, thanks for the information.
It may have spread I don't know; but it is not fun.
The prescribed cough syrups didn't touch the cough so I resorted to an old remedy of honey and cinnamon ( 1tbs. of honey and 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon) and that has helped as much or more than the OTC syrups.
It is improving to the point of where I can again get some sleep which is nice; but I have zero energy still.
After cooking our mid day comida yesterday I laid in my recliner and slept for an hour totally tired out.
A lot of the symptoms at the beginning were very similar to Whooping Cough.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you and Ned are doing well.