Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesdays Veggies

Yesterday after Spanish class I needed to buy fresh veggies.  I knew that the ladies that sit outside of the Mercado are gone by that time and the veggies inside the Mercado are usually looking pretty tired looking by that time of the day, it was around 5 PM.
Tuesday is a good day to go grocery shopping as all the large grocery stores have their specials on that day.  I headed to the Santa Fe grocery store on Serdan and around 20 th street, this used to be a VH until they went bye bye.
Yesterdays specials, (that I bought), I didn't look around much as only wanted veggies that I could carry as I didn't need enough stuff to warrant my "big grocery shopping taxi".
I ended up with enough stuff though that I wished I had taken a cab, why do I always think I can comfortably carry more than I can?  High expectations I expect and a lack of comprehension about my present physical capabilities.
Anyway the prices on the stuff that I bought were as follows, prices in pesos for kilos..  If you are interested enough you can do the conversions.  Today according to the site I watch 1 CAD is = 1.01 USD and 1 CAD = 12.14 MXN, 1 USD = 12.07 MXN.  A kilo is equal to 2.2 pounds weight more or less.

I bought:
radishes @ 1 pesos per bunch ( .08 cents a bunch CAD)
lettuce @ 8.90 pesos a head    ( .73 cents  per head CAD)
cabbage @ 8.45 pesos per kilo ( .70 cents  per kilo CAD)
white onions @ 4.95 pesos per kilo ( .41 cents per kilo CAD)
salad tomatoes (sort of roma) @ 5.95 pesos a kilo ( .49 cents per kilo CAD)
potatos @ 7,85 pesos a kilo ( .65 cents per kilo CAD)

According to their calculation on my bill I saved a total of 42.50 pesos by shopping on Tuesday.  Total of the bill by the way was 85.00 pesos ( $7.00 CAD); but that also included a 370 gram box of butter, which was 32.90 pesos.  The bill was actually a few centavos less; but the difference to even it off was given as a "redondeo", that is when the clerks ask you if you want to give something to whatever group/charity they are giving to that month, usually a worthwhile thing to do with your centavos to even out your bill.

So, how does this compare to what you are paying?  Is it more or less?

Grocery bill.


Gloria said...

I'm not good at math. It looks like you paid $415 dollars for these veggies. So is that like 7.04? I used a peso converter. I think that's a pretty good deal. We only pay for veggies during the winter. I bet you made something really good with those veggies too. Have a great evening.

Brenda said...

Hi Gloria.
The total cost of the bill was 85.00 pesos. The cost in CAD (canadian dollars) was, $7.00 dollars, about the same in US dollars.
I paid with a 500 pesos bill,(effectivo) and received 415.00 pesos in change, (cambio).
Sorry if I confused you.
Have a great evening.

aj said...

I didn't know they had Gigante in Sonora! Good deal I'd say(at least compared to Calgary).

Steve Cotton said...

I need to start paying more attention to what I pay for vegetables. I have no idea how much I have been paying. But I have been eating out a lot this last month. Time to start putting that budget togeher again.

Brenda said...

AJ: Santa Fe is a relative new comer to Guaymas. There were a few VH grocery stores here that went belly up and after awhile the Santa Fe took over one of them and possibly another one in another area of town, not sure about that one though. It may have a different name.

Steve: I usually don't worry about the veggie prices, I usually just buy either what I need or what looks good that day; but I do like to get stuff on sale lol. Our groceries are not a huge expense really. A huge shopping trip once a month for around $100.00 and then smaller trips for veggies,bread, milk and some meat during the rest of the month. I usually try to stay away from imported foods as the prices are crazy for that stuff and we don't really miss much anyway, what I miss (sharp cheddar cheese is not available here at all that I know of).

1st Mate said...

Aha! So the Santa Fe chain is owned by Gigante! I was familiar with Gigante from Mazatlan. The store I went to there was indeed gigantic, with huge wide could get lost in there.

I've been trying to save my receipts this month, just to get an idea what I'm spending. I'm already starting to give up on Walmart, I really think they're the most expensive in town. Will try Santa Fe.

Brenda said...

1ST Mate: I gave up on Walmart on their opening day lol.
Their grocery prices are nuts.
I have been back there twice and that was only for an article of clothing that they had in cotton that the other stores in town did not have.
Try grocery shopping on Tuesdays as that is when they all have their specials on.