Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Latest Paintings

The picture in pastel that I did first of my friends dog Geordie was not giving me the happy glow of accomplishment and when I sprayed it with fixative it went quite a bit darker and then I was really not happy with it.
I took a different picture of Geordie the last time we saw him and worked on a painting from that picture for a bit, set it aside when frustrated and worked on it again.
I bought a different fixative and sprayed it and then realized that his tongue was not in the right position and so the whole picture looks somewhat off.
By this time I was sick of trying to get Geordie to look right, so set both his pictures aside for a week or so.
Today I got them out and tried to lighten up the first one and then resprayed it. I looked at the second one and decided that there really wasn't much I could do about the bad tongue placement as the white would never cover up the pink that was already fixed in place.
I threw up the white surrender flag and consider them finished. After today no one other than me ever has to see them so I will just chalk them up to experience.

The first attempt.

The second attempt.

I had my sister send me a picture of her dog Zoe who is another one of my favorite animals.  She is, (I think) a Golden Retriever.  I am not too good at my dog breeds.  Anyway Zoe is going to be my next attempt.  Wish me luck.
Here is her picture.  She is such a sweetheart.


The registration is on for the next set of classes at the Casa de la Cultura so I went the other day and signed up for the class I want.  Class starts on February 1 st and I am ready.  I have my photo chosen for the view I want to paint and I have purchased the size of canvas that I want.  My stuff is ready to pack in my bag and be off back to school.  Can you tell that I am raring to go?

The first FAOT concert is on here tomorrow night, it is a "pocket" opera.  I am not sure if I am going or not, Roy doesn't want to go, so I will see.


Jan said...

Brenda, these are wonderful and you are a talented artist. Like all of us, you are hard on yourself. You have amazing talent!

Brenda said...

Welcome Jan and thanks so much. Have you totally given up on your blog? How is your dog Teddy doing?

Gloria said...

Hi Brenda. Oh Zoe is awesome and I bet she will come out just wonderful. I think Geordie is perfect in both paintings. Wow, you do a tremendous job. I bet Steve would love you to paint Mr. Jiggs. Sweet Mr. Jiggs. I salute you Brenda, you are thee artista of the year to me.::clap::clap:: If you go to the opera, have fun!! Take care and how exciting that you are all set for your February class. I'm excited for you! Yay for Brenda!

Brenda said...

Thanks Gloria: as usual you have boosted my ego. lol
I am really looking forward to the new class. Can't wait.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Brenda, you are doing so well. I love the style you create in. I am being selfish by saying that I hope you wont be educated beyond your natural talent. I think you have a thing for doggies. I would love to see what you can do with some of the local stray doggies. Jan can set you up with that.

Brenda said...

Thanks Chrissy. I don't think I have any real talent, all I have is what I learnt in the last class and I hope to expand on it in the next one.
Yes, I surprised myself with liking the pastels and seem to have gravitated to the dogs for some reason, this is different for me as normally all I wanted to try were landscapes, very different for me.
I think the strays are better off with digital photos that show off their true personalitys, my paintings might scare off potential adopters lol. Wouldn't want to do that.

Steve Cotton said...

You sell yourself short. You do have talent or you would not be poroducing the quality of work you have. You are correct, Zoe is a golden -- just like Jiggs.

fine art shipping said...

I love your work of art, Nice post.Hoping to see more.

Brenda said...

Thanks Steve: I thought she was a Golden; but can't never remember. She may look like a Lab. by the time I get done with her lol. Jiggs was a good looker also.
Zoe is such a sweet tempered dog; but she is not in love with water for some reason she has to be coaxed into it. She is getting on in age also, as it seems all my best dog buddys are.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Brenda, I like both portraits. No one else knows that the actual dog is lighter in color or the tongue moved. It's art, if you want an exact representation take up photography. One of the most important things I learned in school was that you can move things and remove things from the original.
I think you do very well.
How do you find out about classes at the casa de cultura? We have one here, I would like to sign up for some too.

Brenda said...

Theresa: the problem isn't in the fact that I moved the tongue it is that the tongue is not hanging down even with the nose and it makes the picture look off kilter, to me anyway.
Our city doesn't advertise things very well, so I usually find out about the classes by seeing the banner out in front of the building when the registration starts.
Here they usually start a semester of classes in September with inscription in August, then they usually have a summer session in July I think it was, that is just for one month, then the spring classes begin in February with inscription in January. For this class which starts on Feb. 1 they started the inscription on Jan. 17. The inscription (registration) is 50 pesos and the months classes are 150 pesos which gives you 2 classes a week for 1 1/2 hrs. per class. Not sure what it would be like there.
Here the one teacher that I went to several times gave ZERO instruction it was more of a place to go and paint with other people, she would help you if you asked for direction; but her thing seemed to be "paint what you see". that is fine if you have the basics which I do not. I needed more instruction than that having never had any type of instruction before.
This gentleman is very good, he gives instruction of how to get from A to B which is what I need. I really like him, which is why I am going back for this class.

Barb said...

Brenda, I'm going to have to get myself a jaw-holder-upper so it'll stop hitting the floor every time I see your gorgeous art.

I disagree that you don't have talent. It's there. You just need to keep drawing it out, no pun

Looking forward to seeing your rendition of Zoe.

kelsi said...

Shelbert wanted you to know that your pics are groovy and the tongue is in exactly the right place. When a pup is panting with a tilted head, their tongues hang a bit crooked.
Not sure if this info is accurate or not, but I'm just the messenger :)

Brenda said...

Thanks Barb. You guys are all so good for a persons ego.

Kelsi: Please tell Shelbert that I appreciate her expert advice and know that she would know these things personally and thank you for translating and sending me the info..
Tell Shelbert to look out or you will be putting her to work
on E.How or a similar site. lol

aj said...

Well done as usual.

Brenda said...

Thank you AJ.
Have a good evening.

breez said...

Re: Geordie: "Chalk" it up to experience, cute pun.

Fur is hard because it has a shape but is largely defined by texture.
The light, in turn, is specific to the texture. Shiny horse has higher contrast because all the hair is the same length and the light hits it almost like a solid surface. Fluffy collie-type dog has much less (almost none) reflection.

Zoe head is a good example of my shiny horse example. If you squint at the Zoe head you will see the light behaves the same way it would on a smooth shape (like her shiny nose) but the colors in the longer ear hair are not solely related to their angle relative to the light source..they are more about the actual color of the hair itself. Again, if you squint at the photo you will see how the light falls off on the left side of the head near the red package.
Squinting is a good way to see the main values of an image. In this case you may want to take some license and make the left neck/shoulder fall off a little bit more to help with the illusion that the head/snout is coming forward. The same thing goes for the shadow under the left ear.

Most important: have fun. You're going great.

Brenda said...

Breez: Thanks for the tips. I will try and remember them when working on the painting. Every tip helps me learn, keep them coming.