Friday, October 15, 2010

El Presidente En Tu Colonia (the mayor in your neighbourhood)

Here in Guaymas, the mayor has a program called, "El Presidente en tu Colonia" or translated more or less, the mayor in your neighbourhood.  He and his cabinet come to an area in your colonia and they have a "cultural fair" along with a sort of speech, question/answer session.  I don't know if this is done in cities all over the state and or country or if it is just a Guaymas thing.  I did a quick search and could only find entries for Guaymas so perhaps it is a local thing.
Anyway, last night was our turn.  Our colonia is a very large one so perhaps he is doing this in other parts of it also, I don't know.  I do know that this one was only about 2 blocks away from us so we decided to go and see what was happening.
When we arrived the Cultural Fair part was going strong.  Some of the ladies from the Casa de la Cultura had tables set up and there were lots of children working hard at making bracelets, pictures and hand puppets.  They were a very busy bunch.  One of the ladies joked with us that maybe Roy wanted to make a bracelet.  He politely declined.  We know these ladies from taking classes there and the mother of one of the ladies in the office only lives a couple of blocks from us.
There was a small stage set up in front and the dancers from the Casa de la Cultura were doing their part to make the evening enjoyable, their dancing was interspersed with an older gentleman singing.  We have heard him sing at events before and he has a very nice singing voice.  He stated he was going to sing some beautiful old romantic songs and he did.  One of the songs he sang was about the beautiful October moon and very obligingly the moon came out from behind some sketchy clouds as he was singing.  He made sure to point this out during his song.  He also did one about the seaside of course and another for a  young girl whose 15 th birthday happened to be yesterday.  I forget what the song was; but it wasn't the usual "happy birthday" song.
The mayor did a meet and greet with the people there, shaking hands and chatting with most people.
After awhile he and his group went on stage and were introduced and the speeches began.  It was nice because they were all fairly short; although not always sweet.  A lady welcomed him to our community and thanked him and the group for coming  and then began to relate what the area would like to see happen with drainage, water, road repairs and paving, street lighting and security.
The mayor took his turn and outlined what had been done during his term so far and at what cost, what money has been allocated for paving, etc..  Then, of course, he went into the typical politician sweet talk, of everything that can be done, if everyone works together, etc., etc., etc..
Despues, he opened it up for people in the audience to ask questions, and several had things to say.  He directed them to the correct person and basically told them to get together to hash it out.
Fairly pleasant, not many raised voices.
Tomorrow, Saturday he will be at one of the schools here and according to my landlady this is when he will be going around and looking at the streets, etc. The flyer for tomorrow states, "asiste y participa", (attend and participate).  I think that might be something that we will not attend, not being nationals and not having any right to participate in local things of this nature.
Anyway, it was a nice evening last night and I enjoyed listening to some of the concerns in our part of the community.


Steve Cotton said...

And what a great way to be part of an event with neighbors.

AnaVar said...

Agree with Steve!

Brenda said...

Yes Steve and Anavar it was a nice evening.

kelsi said...

Do you realize you slipped in "despues" towards the end of your post?
I found that funny Ms. SpanishPants :)

Brenda said...

Kelsi, too funny, no I hadn't noticed and I always proofread it before hitting the publish button.
Seeing as no one else noticed I guess I will just leave it as is now.
You have a good eye.
Love your photos of Shelbert with HER new haircut, sorry I think I called her a him in one of my comments. Glad you got rid of the pink ribbons though, ewwww. I don't DO pink at all. lol