Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One Or Two Errands Equals How Many Trips To Centro???

Yesterday I wanted to get my eyes checked as I think I need new glasses. I thought that it maybe had been 2 years since my last ones; but I happened across the bill the other day when searching for something else and it was dated sometime in 2007. OK, guess it is time.
I also wanted to get a rotor or something for our computer system. Roys computer was giving him trouble so he started using the laptop. We had my computer hooked up to the modem with the ethernet cable and his PC had been hooked up with the USB cable. So anytime he had to get his computer repaired or whatever it incurred another 100 pesos housecall from the Megacable tech to reinstall the disc with their password, which naturally they wouldn't give me lol so that I could do it myself. When we called Megacable and the guy came over he couldn't find the driver to install for the disc so he couldn't install it. I am not sure if it is because the laptop has Vista on it or not and I didn't bother poking around to see either. Roy was stealing the landlords wireless signal (with their permission and password); but he was getting tired of doing that as it would go off and on a lot so we decided to do something about it and hook him into Megacable. The tech had told us that we needed a rotor.
Anyway I knew that the computer place that I wanted to go to was closed in the afternoon siesta hours; but thought I could get my eyes checked, go to Spanish class and then go to the computer place after class.
Well the optometrist was closed for the siesta hours also. I have never been to this one before, my landlady recommended it. The place where I got my last ones has closed down or moved and I wasn't that impressed with them anyway so no big deal.
So.... with the office closed I had 2 hrs. to kill before Spanish class and no real shopping list except meat which I didn't feel like carrying around for 2 hrs.. So, what would any woman do but hit the stores and go shopping, well window shopping anyway as I didn't really need anything much.
I am finding that more of the stores here are carrying clothing made from cotton now, I wear a lot of cotton in the summer as it is cooler. When we first came here I couldn't find anything cotton anywhere here. So that is a good thing for me.
When my feet got tired I headed for the plaza to sit down, intending to get a water from the little vender on the corner of the plaza that I usually buy from. There are a couple of restaurants on the plaza; but the coffee shop has its tables in the afternoon sun and the umbrellas don't really seem to help so I ruled that one out. The other one is OK; but I don't care for it too much, personal choice here, nothing wrong with the place. Then I noticed that a place that has had a sign up for Taco Fish was open, usually it has been closed, so I headed over there. Shaded sitting area, nice and clean, friendly people. I asked if it was alright to just order a coke and the waiter said, " sure; but aren't you hungry?" After telling him that I had already eaten we discussed their hours and I asked why the fish places close up so early and we had a little discussion about that. A little while later another fellow came by and asked me in perfect English if everything was OK, etc.. I am noticing a lot more English being spoken here than a few years ago. After my drink I naturally had to explore the washroom situation, wow!!! Clean, toilet paper, paper towels, soap and water all in one place and even a toilet seat. Bathroom facilities here are improving also since we first came here. I am not meaning to be sarcastic with this, it was just a fact of life when we first came here a few years ago that many of the washrooms didn't have papers, water, soap, or toilet seats, just how it was. Not complaining, just stating a fact. I always carry plenty of kleenex and hand wipes with me.
Anyway that was all good so headed to class. After class I headed for the computer store for a rotor. The fellow thought that I only needed a switch, so after asking repeatedly if I could return it if it didn't work and being assured that I could; although I did forget to ask if I would be refunded my money lol, I bought it. Returning purchases and getting a monetary refund are not common things here usually, again just the way things are.
So headed home on the bus, which for some reason took a different route. It was funny the lady across the aisle from me looked at me and raised her eyebrows questioningly, I just shrugged and we both grinned. Who knows? I did notice that a place on the corner that changes businesses often is now a rock/stone place advertising "granitos" and they had a large fountain on display. Nice.
So, this morning I will head uptown again to see if I can get my eyes checked and will try to remember to check the one veggie vender at the mercado who amazingly had sweet corn last week and it was tasty, we really enjoyed it. Cross my fingers for more and oh yes I still need to go to the butcher for meat. Hmmm will one trip do this whole list?? Will have to wait and still, you just never know lol.

The picture below was taken on Childrens Day, the kids must have been the winners at their school for their King/Queen competition. Who knows, anyway there was lots of honking going on as they went through the neighborhood.

This is our neighbors grandson, he had come up to show us his baseball uniform and he informed me that he is the catcher. Naturally he had to make goofy faces in all the pictures, kids!!


kelsi said...

That kid is adorable. Thank goodness funny faces are easy to translate in any language!

Brenda said...

Ed: I have no idea where your comment disappeared to, the outer bands of cyberspace perhaps? Anyway that is possible that he was trying to tell us we needed a wireless rotor; but he never mentioned wireless at all when he was talking. I really don't know, anyway it is working well the way we have it now so will go with it I guess. We get our signal through the Megacable line into our apartment. It then goes into the modem and the switch plugs into the modem with an ethernet cable, the phone and both computers are plugged into the switch box. It works and the speed is adequate so todos es esta bien. Thanks.
Kelsi: Yes, he is adorable. When we first moved here he was just a baby and couldn't walk yet, he was very shy with us until this spring when he started taking English classes from me, now he is always coming up here. One day he came and sat on the floor beside Roys chair and watched part of a baseball game with him. He is extremely smart and needs to be kept occupied or look out world lol. He is 5 yrs. old right now and will be a mover and a shaker at some point in his life lol.

Ritamg said...

As a former systems admin, I was puzzled as to what is a rotor? Inquiring minds want to know was connection fixed?

Brenda said...

Ritamg: To be honest I can't really explain what a rotor does other than tell the modem where to send the signals to??? I am not sure that is right and hopefully if someone who is more computer literate than I am reads this they will correct me and explain it properly to both of us lol.
Yes, both computers working fine.
Thanks for visiting the blog.

Tim in Mesa said...

tal vez una "router"?

Brenda said...

Tim: Mucho gracias. si, esto es correcto. Pero sólo necesitaba un "switch" en el final.
Gracias por su comentario.

joyce said...

I found your site while trying to get more info about the area. My husband, son and another couple are going to Los Carlos in July this will be our first time there. We are very excited and looking forward to our trip.

Brenda said...

Hi, welcome. Enjoy your stay in Los Cabos.
We spent 7 weeks over on the Baja a couple of years ago.
Next time you will have to try out the mainland to compare.