Monday, May 03, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Oops, guess I've been a lazy blogger; but there hasn't been a lot of stuff that is interesting enough to anyone else to write about. We have just been doing our regular stuff and keeping busy with our daily routine. I am intending to slow things down somewhat as it gets hotter here and I won't be able to continue doing some of the things outside that are happening now.

I have also gotten out my paints again and am continuing to paint some very ugly pictures lol, nothing that I would take a photo of and put on here for sure. I enjoy doing it and am hoping that eventually I will improve or not. Whatever, it is fun for me anyway.

I did some sewing and have done a bunch of baking and am backing up some of my recipes in other places other than on my computer.

We were supposed to go to a First Communion on Saturday; but I ended up with a splitting headache and backed out of going. A headache and the party music here just don't go together in my mind.

Yesterday we did attend a Baptism party on a ranch just outside of town and it was fun. The usual band, food and a brincoline (one of those air blown up jumping thingys) for the kids. They also had a donkey hitched up to a buggy and were giving rides mostly to the kids but some of the adults too.
The band.

Young Diego investigating the place.

I happened to be standing byside little Diego when I noticed the donkey cart and showed him, he is just under 2 yrs. and is afraid of nothing. He was very interested so I took him over and the driver sat him beside him and held him while they took the tour. He loved it.

The buggy and Diego just getting off.

I laughed when I noticed that the buggy had a little license plate on it from Idaho.

I took a little video and it makes me laugh as it reminds me of the old time movies.



Gloria said...

Hi Brenda. Hey whatever you post about is always intersting. You are never boring. I love that video and those pictures are awesome. You were saying how you are painting ugly pictures, well I just got done painting and video taped it from beginning to end and it is "UGLY" and I do mean ugly. lol who cares. I'll paint it again. Have a great week and remember, whatever you have to say on your "journal" is always interesting. Take care.

Brenda said...

Thanks Gloria. I am sure your painting is not ugly. I am on my way over to have a look.
Have a great day.

Steve Cotton said...

Nice to see you back. I know what you mean about finding interesting blog topics. Try blogging about Mexico from Oregon.

Calypso said...

Hi Brenda (and Roy) - I thought you must have been on one of your house sitting projects - a month between entries tsk tsk.

I second Gloria - always glad to read what you are up to.


Brenda said...

Steve: I have trouble blogging about Mexico from Mexico never mind Oregon lol. Hope you are healing fast and good luck with the reentry into the workforce UGH
Calypso: No, no housesitting I think we are finished with doing that, was fine for awhile but been there done that kind of thing.
It is just hard to blog about going to 3 or 4 different shops to find what you need to bake 1 cake and don't think it is particularly interesting to anyone else lol. Most of my daily routine is not blog material. Interacting with the neighborhood kids, visiting with people, shopping, paying bills, etc..

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Brenda, you always take great photos! Thanks for sharing the party. I love the buggy!! LL

Brenda said...

Thanks Linda. The party was as usual lots of fun. I love the buggy too. The video just reminded me of the old movies lol. I love watching the joy on the kids faces at these parties, they are so into enjoying life that it makes me feel good just to watch them.
How's the Hilton room roof destruction going?
Take care.

Ed Romero said...

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