Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dinner Out

Tonight Roy meet me uptown after my Spanish lesson and we had an early dinner at El Farallón restaurant. This was the first time that we had eaten there. I had wandered by it a few times when I was doing errands so we decided to try it.

It is not a big restaurant and it wasn't busy; but it was early to eat dinner by the local customs. Other than us, there was only one elderly man there eating. Part of the restaurant has a palapa roof with a large tree growing through it, and yes the tree is alive and well.

This mural is on one wall.

There were two specials, one was Fish Veracruzana (35 pesos) and the other was Breaded Shrimp with salad and rice (50 pesos). We both ordered the breaded shrimp. Naturally it came with corn tortillas and salsa.
Sorry the picture of the dinner is fuzzy, I am having trouble with the camera at times and at other times it works fine (kind of like me).

There were 7 or 8 shrimp on the plate and the taste was fine, not extraordinary; but fine. Salad was nice and fresh and crispy and the rice was rice.
For the price, I would say that it was fine. We both ordered Cokes and after the waiter/cook/presumed owner had served us our food he left the restaurant and went down the street to buy our cokes. When he returned he served them to us with a smile.
Cost for both our dinners including the cokes was 120 pesos ($9.84 CAD).
Would we go back again? Well I would and Roy might, he is not quite as adventuresome restaurant wise as I am lol. The place would not win any good housekeeping awards lol; but the food was OK.
****If you happen to eat there I would strongly suggest avoiding the bathroom. Or if you have to use it like I did make sure you take paper and wet hand wipes with you. The bathroom was fairly grubby and there was no running water in the sink. *****


Bob Mrotek said...

The word "farallón" means "giant rock". Did you see a giant rock?

Brenda said...

Bob: thank you for that translation. When I translated it I got "truncheon" which made me scratch my head lol; which is why I didn't put it in the blog. Didn't make much sense to me anyway.
I didn't see a big rock; but then I guess you could say the area is full of big rocks. Hills/mountains throughout the city lol.

Croft said...

I would have gone for the Pescado Veracruzana. I fell in live with this dish during our two visits to Veracruz although I have found that when made elsewhere there is a tendency to make it too spicy. The original Veracruz dish is not spicy at all, just exploding with flavor!

Brenda said...

Croft: I will try it next time. I have a love affair with shrimp and tend to order them a lot in restaurants. Perhaps because I eat a lot of fish/chicken at home? No, that isn't the reason because I also cook shrimp at home lol. I guess I am just a shrimp lover above all.
How's the weather treating you up there?

Berni said...

Thanks for the good wishes. We decided as lovely as Mexico is we did not want to come every winter and were not ready to make the complete plunge of moving there so we moved further south. Actually where we are is the very northern reach of the Sonoran desert and is much warmer than our previous home. Hope all is well with you.

Brenda said...

Berni: I have been lazy about blogging/reading and commenting lately so was surprised to see how quickly your life has changed. I hope it turns out great for you.
I can understand not wanting to travel down here every winter, personally that would get old really fast for me.
It should be better in the new home for you with more activity/shopping options open to you and less isolation. I lived on 10 acres in the country; but was only about 7 minutes away from town which was perfect for me. It was quiet and was still convenient. I loved it there, beautiful country in the summer.
I am glad you will have less bitter winters with less snow.

kelsi said...

Hey Spanish Lesson Lady :)
When you order food in a restaurant, do you say 'Yo quiero tener' or 'Yo quiero ordenar' ???

Last year I started using the second phrase after someone corrected me.

Brenda said...

Hey Kelsi: To be honest I don't usually say anything at all. Usually they come up ready to take your order and ask you what you want. So I just say the coco shrimp for example and they say OK, then they ask what you want to drink so I just say coke, beer whatever or ask what they have. Not many words needed lol.
If I was to say something like that though I would say and have said the following:
I would like the ... Me gustaría que el .....
OR you could say, I am going to try the ...... Voy a probar ......
I live by the KISS motto lol.
Unless I am really trying to emphasise something I don't use the I,you, he,she, etc. unless you need it to differentiate between people in a group, it is not necessary as the verb does that for you (if you use the verb right lol). If I think I might have messed up the verb conjugation I will use it so that they know who I am talking about and then they realize that I am clueless and have messed up the verb lol.
To get the bill brought to you I usually say the following: Can you bring me the bill please, me puede traer la cuenta, por favor?