Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Years Blogging

I just realized last night that it must be around the anniversary of when I started blogging. Just went and looked and sure enough. I first blogged on the 8 th of May 2005. Wow, 5 years of boring people under my belt and still hanging in there; although certainly less often now than at the beginning, (I am sure everyone is happy about that one lol). This is the 810 th post by the way.

When I think back on the last 5 years it is hard to believe all the things we have seen and done, most of which we enjoyed. It has been 5 years of major life changes.
We sold everything in Canada that didn't fit into the car and said goodbye to consumerism, status symbols and stress. Major change! We have continued our life SOB happy with ourselves and each other and find no need to try and purchase happiness. We live a very simple life here compared to NOB and love it. We haven't lived here for 5 years yet, that anniversary will be the 10 th of October this year.

We have traveled some of the USA and spent some weeks at different times in New Mexico and also Arizona. We have spent 7 weeks on the Baja. We have traveled a little bit on the Mexican mainland, not a lot. We have explored most of our sprawled out city on foot in most of the neighborhoods, good and not so good. We have never felt threatened. We have explored our surrounding area by car and seen some very interesting things. This area has a lot of history being a port city.

We have driven, flown, bussed and taken ferries.

I must have taken about a million pictures and apparently a lot of people have enjoyed looking at them as my webshots photos usually have anywhere from 1500 to 3500 views a week. Unbelievable to me!!! I have found websites online using my photos, (without permission), which kind of irks me in some ways. I don't mind people downloading the pictures to their computers for their own use; but when commercial sites use them without asking permission it does bother me a bit. I have started putting the blog name on the photos that I upload (which is a pain in the butt), so if they use them now they have to go to the trouble of editing the photos first.

We have learnt to go with the flow and to relax more. We have learned some Spanish and hopefully will continue to learn more. It is nice to be able to converse with people in the stores, etc. now. We have attended more parties in the last five years than I probably attended in 15 yrs. in Canada. This is a big thing for us as we are both a bit antisocial and like being on our own. We have met many people including our landlords and their families who have all been amazingly open to us and have basically adopted us into the family. We have great neighbors who don't often have loud parties lol. We now meet people downtown in our city of around 130,00 or more, that we know.

We have navigated the immigration FM3 process on our own along with the IMSS application process. We go to doctors, dentists, optometrists appointments, basically all the necessities in life and manage in Spanish.

We returned to Canada for a couple of weeks in February this year and managed to renew our passports in English, yah us good for 5 more years!

We have noticed changes over the 5 years in our adopted city. The prices go up as they do everywhere, more people are speaking English, more people are leaving their homes wearing more casual clothing, eg: shorts, more people from NOB are venturing into Guaymas; although very few actually live right in the city. The city is trying to clean up the garbage more and is looking nicer. Lots of ascetic work has been done in the downtown area probably because of the cruise ships starting to come in. Despite the changes the city continues to be a working port city and we continue to love it.

We discussed what the 1 thing is out of the last 5 years that we will never forget and both agreed that it was when we first drove into town and recognized things in the area from the photos that we had been looking at over the previous 10 months of online researching. An unforgettable sight to us.

I raise my glass of ice cold Coca Cola to this great city, state and country. May the next 5 years be as good as the last 5 have been.


Bob Mrotek said...

Good for you Brenda! Happiness is what you make it and you and Roy seem to be doing a fine job. You are both a good example for the rest of us!

Leslie Limon said...

Congratulations, Brenda! I had no idea that you have been blogging for so long. I am going to have to read through your older posts this weekend.

I've never told you this, but I feel a special kinship towards you for a couple of reasons. 1) My favorite great-aunt was born in Guaymas in 1912. And 2) My mom's name was Brenda.

I too, raise my glass of cold Coca-Cola Light and wish you many more years of happiness.

1st Mate said...

Brenda - you have a great attitude and that makes a huge difference in moving to Mexico. A lively sense of humor doesn't hurt either. I'm glad I got to know you, glad you live nearby and look forward to many more years of seeing Mexico through your eyes.

Brenda said...

Bob: Thank you very much. We work hard at being partners and best friends as well as lovers. Mutual respect, caring and love go a long way in any relationship don't they?

Leslie: Thank you. How interesting that your Aunt was born here; but when you think of it so many people from here moved to the USA that I guess it is not that surprising.
I am sure there are probably still members of your family here, maybe you should visit and try to find them. It might be very interesting lol. Your mom had a really good name lol.

Bliss: Thanks. Yes, a sense of humor is VERY necessary lol. Igualmente to everything else that you wrote.
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Gloria said...

Hola Brenda. Your post certainly did make my rest of the day.It was fun. I really enjoyed what you had to say and how you involved us readers in your life. I'm definitely happy that you and yours are living the good life. Take care and have a great weekend.

Brenda said...

Gloria it is always nice to hear from you. I enjoyed doing this post and remembering some of the things we have done in the last few years. Good memories that bring smiles.
You have a great weekend too.

Nancy said...

Brenda, Congratulations, it is a very noteworthy moment and I'm glad you did a post to mark the occasion.

You were very helpful and supportive to Paul and me before we made the jump and I enjoyed meeting you two when you came to Mazatlan that time.

I hope the next five years are as good as the last, and I have a glass of white wine I am raising to you guys right now.

Take care!

Brenda said...

Nancy: Thank you for the good wishes and the raising of the glass.
With my new found manana mentality it almost slipped by me lol. It is hard to believe that it has been 5 yrs. blogging and almost 5 yrs. living down here, time sure goes fast.
I don't think I helped you guys much as you seemed like you were pretty well grounded in what you wanted and had done your homework well. I am glad it is working out well for you two as well.
We enjoyed meeting you and Paul also. Who knows our paths may cross again sometime. My stepdaughter and her family didn't come down there this last winter mainly because of the economy. The airfare for them with 4 children is insane.
We enjoyed our brief stay in Maz.; although I could never live in/near that Golden Zone. Eww. Centro was more our speed.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your cycling lol.

Billie said...

Brenda, you started just a month or so after I did and I don't know how we found each other but I feel like you are a long term friend. I won't call it an Old Friend. LOL
I'm really glad we have been connected this long and I hope we'll still be enjoying each others blog in another 5 years.
Congratulations on a blogging milepost. But most of all congratulations on making Mexico HOME. It isn't always easy but it is always rewarding.

Brenda said...

Billie: Thank you so much for the good wishes and thank you also for omitting the old lol. Long term friends sounds nice, old not so much lol.
I don't remember either how we found each others blogs; but I am sure it was through searching about Mexico. It seemed for a long time that it was you, I and John Calypso. I am sure there were others that I hadn't found; but it seemed like a small group in the wilderness for awhile lol.
I think the people searching now have a much easier time finding information as there are so many blogs now from such varied locations. I know I have often said to Roy that I wished there had been all these blogs to read when we were searching for info..
Hopefully we will all be hanging in here during the next 5 yrs..
Mexico, yes frustrating at times; but always a rewarding experience at the end of the day.
So glad we all made the move.
Wishing the best to you and Ned also.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Hola mi amiga...YOU are the reason I have been blogging for over 2 years. I recall Mike's dream of moving to Guaymas and finding your blog that was all about day-to-day living Guaymas. I stayed up late at night with my laptop in bed, reading until I dozed off...

And then when we were stranded in Mexico City and didn't know what to do. YOU came through with Lolita's apartment and a lead on the English teaching job at St. Mary's Preschool. And I think Bliss (1st Mate) had a part in that as well.

I still read every one of your posts. And I enjoy knowing that you and Roy are thriving in the desert by the sea.

Keep writing, my friend. Adios.

Brenda said...

Hi Cynthia and Mike: Yikes, sounds like I have a lot to be accountable for lol. Glad that I could be of help; although I still feel bad that your move to Mexico and Guaymas didn't work out for you guys and Sitka. Ah, Sitka, lovely dog, so sad what aging does to their hips, isn't it? My G.S. dog had the same problems, she was over 14 yrs. old when she died though. Try giving her some Glucosomine (sp?) it sometimes helps a lot.
I still read all your posts too; but have to confess that lately I have been lazy about commenting on any blogs. I am trying to change that. I just plain old lazy or in a rush when reading lately, not enough hours in the days.
I really hope your move turns out well for you guys and that you will be happy in your new/old area. Take care and give Sitka a hug for me.

Felipe said...

Felicitaciones. You and I started blabbering online about the same time. I started just five months earlier.

You seem like good folk, or buena gente as the Mexicans say.

Regarding putting your name on your photos, if you use Picasa, there is a little gizmo down at the bottom that says Export. Click on that to ship your photos to the desktop, and there is a very easy way to stick your name on it. Piece of cake.

Brenda said...

Felipe: thank you very much.
I don't think I found your blog until later in my "googling" lol; but once I found it I don't think I have missed reading a post lol.
Thanks for the tip about the pictures, I haven't messed around with Picasa much at all; but will certainly try it out.
I started out with Webshots at the beginning and have stayed with them. I am not impressed with their site anymore though as it is very messy with ads and pop ups and is a pain now compared to how it used to be.
For editing the pics. I use Microsoft Picture It, that I have on my computer at the moment, it works well; but it is just one more step you have to do and is a nuisance lol. Basically I am lazy lol.
Have a good weekend.

Tim in Mesa said...

Thanks for all your work, Brenda and Roy. Mi casa es su casa.

Brenda said...

Thank you Tim. Did you ever manage to get down here or not?

K said...

Guaymas is a wonderful place that I too once called home, albeit for a much shorter time than you and Roy.

Thanks for giving me and so many others a glimpse into life and times of Guaymas.. and have an carne asada for me! :)

*raising a virtual horchata to your next 5 years of blogging*

Brenda said...

Hi K: Thank you for reading and commenting.
When did you live here?

Calypso said...

Congrats Brenda (and Roy - I know he is there in the background somewhere)!

Like so many others I started our Blog about the same time as you and Billie. I think the Mexico Blogging world came alive about then ;-)

Glad you have hung in there and been willing to share your life experiences with the rest of us.


Brenda said...

Thanks Calypso. Yes, of course Roy is here lol. Helps to have a pre-post blog critic lol.
Mexico blogging has come a long way in 5 short years, hasn't it?
Have a good day.