Thursday, August 13, 2009

Señor Roy Is a Senior Now

Roy turned 60 yrs. old in July, so this morning we went downtown to the office of DIF and asked what we needed for documents for him to get his INAPAM (Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores) card, (called the INSEN card also). This card is used to get discounts for certain things here in Mexico, such as city bus fares, highway bus fares, airplane flights, etc.. Website here:
The lady told us that we needed 1 copy of the picture/ID page from his passport and 1 copy of the same page from his FM3 booklet. He didn't need a copy of his birth certificate as she said that the date is on his passport. He also needed 2 photos, size "infantile". We went to a photo shop and got the photos done. The package of photos consisted on 4 "infantile" size photos and 1- 4x6 photo. We only asked for the 2 "infantile" sizes; but maybe that is their standard deal, who knows. Cost 80 pesos, less than $8.00. We also got the 2 photocopies made, not sure what they cost as I also bought a notebook at the same time; but it was not much.
We returned to the DIF office with our stuff and the lady proceeded to type out the required form, she had Roy sign the form and then she typed up the information on the card. He had to sign this also and affix his thumbprint to the back of it. Information included on the card: name, address, birth date, and an emergency contact and phone number.
We thanked the lady and asked her where we could get it laminated, she told us and we went on our way.
We headed to the place to get it laminated and in 10 minutes or so and after paying 4.50 pesos, less than 45 cents we were done.
Cost = less than $10.00 total, no actual cost for the card.
Time = less than 1 1/2 hrs.
We took the bus home, Roy used his new card for the first time and paid 3 pesos for the bus instead of 5 pesos.
So I guess he is officially a senior now. Sheesh I am living with an old man lol.


Steve Cotton said...

Poor Jiggs has been living with a senior citizen (me) for 8 months now. Hard to believe. I still have not even tried to get my card. But not use for it here in our little village.

john said...

Thanks for this information. I've been telling myself to go get my card for some time now (I'm 68) but I put off what I imagined would be a lot of hassle. You've taken the uncertainty out of the process.

kelsi said...

Glad you're back Brenda, I missed you. And belated feliz cumpleanos to Roy!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hope you guys are getting all the great storms we are getting!
Happy Birthday!

Calypso said...

Congrats to Roy -

Felipe said...

I´ve had the card for a few years, but I always forget about it. Everytime I´ve used it, it´s because my wife saw a sign somewhere and nudged me. I´ve only used it to get in museums, etc. I got into Chapultepec Castle in DF for free.

Brenda said...

We got it for him mainly to use on the highway buses and possibly airlines. We will probably go to DF in the spring to get new passports at the Canadian Embassy so it might get us a discount on the airlines.
That said, it does give him a discount on the city buses which we use all the time lol.