Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Neighbors

A few weeks ago I wrote about our neighbors moving out. The house sat empty for a couple of weeks and then one evening new people moved in. We haven't really met them as yet; but it appears to be a family with some children. Thankfully they haven't disrupted our quiet neighborhood with loud, noisy parties or at least not yet anyway.

The other day a couple of guys came along and began to install a tinaco or water storage tank. I never realised that there wasn't one on the house before, this is unusual as most homes have some sort of water storage. A couple of hours of work and it was ready to go.
Getting the pipes ready on the tank.


glorv1 said...

We all worry about new neighbors and what they will bring with them. Hopefully all will work out in the right way for you. Where I live, its mostly homeowners, but we have the misfortune of having a rental next door and the tenants are not what you would want. We just mind our own business. Lucky we all have huge yards and are separated. Take care and good luck.

Islagringo said...

How strange. Do you think the other family just used water directly from the street or something. I don't know of a single house here that does not have a tanaco on the roof. We have both. Street water and stored water.

Brenda said...

Glorv1: so far they are quiet and no problems at all which is nice. As you say we wondered about who would move in.
Isla: Yes, I am sure the past people just used the water from the street. We are lucky here in that our water is almost always on, which is unusual I know.

Gin said...

I suspect your previous neighbors took the tinaco with them as they had probably had to purchase one when they moved in. I've seen rentals that don't have a tinaco and the rentor furnishs their own and take it with them when they move.

Brenda said...

gin: that is possible, I don't remember if they had a tinaco on the truck when they moved or not, didn't check that closely.
You are right in that lots of rentals do not have tinacos, you have to provide your own. So you could be correct.