Monday, October 13, 2008

Legal For Another Year

With all the excitement about Norbert coming I forgot to mention that we are legal again for another year.
We had applied to renew our FM3's and about 4 weeks later we have them back, nicely stamped and ready to go for another year.


Nancy said...

Ours were really easy too. Two weeks from start to finish.

Islagringo said...

Congrats! Always a scary time, waiting to get those things back! We turned in our paperwork to switch to FM2 on Sept 8 and still no word!

glorv1 said...

I don't know what those FM2's are. Passports? Anyway, I'm glad you got them, I guess that means you are legal there? Take care.

Brenda said...

It was pretty painless for us this year and actually not bad last year.
Glorv1: An FM3 is the permit we need to be able to live here for 1 yr., as a tourist you only need a tourist permit which can be good for up to 180 days. It is not legal to actually live here on a tourist permit, to be legal you need an FM3. After you have an FM3 for 5 yrs. you can then apply for an FM2 (this may have changed, I am not sure), and after having an FM2 for 5 yrs. you can then apply for citizenship or permanent immigrant status, write a test, etc. and hope for the best.