Friday, October 17, 2008

The Cruise Ship Arrives

Yesterday was the day that the first cruise ship arrived in Guaymas, it was the Ryndam of the Holland America line.

We didn't try to go to the terminal where the ship docked but later on headed downtown to see what was happening. There must have been alot of people in from out of town or else everyone in town was trying to drive downtown as the traffic was heavy. The bus driver finally opened the bus doors about 2 blocks from the Plaza de Tres Presidents, shook his head and let everyone off.
There were people everywhere in centro. They had stages set up by the 13 de Julio park,

on the tourist malecón,

and at the Plaza de Pescador.
In the Plaza de Tres Presidentes there were booths set up by the vendors from the old mercado and possibly others, I am not sure. These booths were set up to sell crafts and things to the cruisers.
There were singers and dancers on all the stages and there were people everywhere.
The Governor of the State of Sonora was supposed to address the people at some point in the afternoon.
There were displays of typical dress of some of the states of Mexico and also some fossils and paintings set up in the Palacio Municipal.
There were school children everywhere, parading down the streets with banners and also just milling around in the crowds.
There were a lot of the older children from the schools, that can speak some english, wearing white shirts with the words "Can I help you" written on them. They were handing out small phamplets with the downtown area of Guaymas on a map. We were asked if we needed help and I explained that we were not cruisers but that we lived here and they gave us a brochure anyway. The brochure highlighted some of the old buildings in town and various sights to see.

We wandered around everything and when we got hot, we decided to go over to the 13 de Julio park and sit in a bench in the shade. We secured a spot on a bench and just people watched. A couple of cruisers came by and we began to chat, they were from California. Some younger students with notebooks were waylaying the cruisers, talking to them and getting email addresses from them, so we chatted with them for awhile, their english was quite good and I am sure it was good practise for them. We were having a nice chat when a couple of students with clipboards, from the local university came over to chat with us. Again I explained that we were not cruisers; but that the other couple was. The students wanted to ask the cruisers some questions; but they could not understand their english. The students then relayed their questions to me and then I relayed them to the cruisers. Once the cruisers were busy filling in the questionaires we got up and went on our way.
We wandered around for awhile longer before heading home. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and hopefully the cruisers got a good impression of our town.
Later on in the evening, I am assuming about the time the ship was leaving there was a fireworks display. We stood out on the patio and watched.
So the first ship has come and gone and hopefully the expectations for all were meet.
This video is from the Entre Todos news site here in Guaymas.

This one is also from the same site:

There are some really good photos of the cruise ship on the Viva San Carlos forum. Someone posting under the name JPBUK posted them in the thread entitled "Cruise Ship". This link might just take you to the forum itself, if so, then you need to go to: Community Bulletin Board and then to the thread "Cruise ship". Very good photos. Viva San Carlos .


Bob Mrotek said...

This is a very nice post. I learned more about Guaymas from this post than I ever knew, enough to make me want to visit someday. Thank you Brenda & Roy

Steve Cotton said...

Great post. I have been to several first-time ports on cruises. The towns consistently bend over backward to make the experience a memorable one. It appears that is exactly what Guaymas did. Hmmm. Maybe I need a quick cruise before I move south.

glorv1 said...

I felt like I was there. Brenda, you make everything sound so exciting, it's like I want to just jump in those pictures and be with people, listening to music and walking around. Glad you had a great time. Have a good weekend.

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone.
Bob: come for a visit it is a very friendly place.
Steve: Head on down here on a cruise before heading south permanently.
Glorv1: we will thanks.

Jackie said...

Nice reporting. Hopefully the cruisers boosted the local economy a bit. How often are the ships expected to come to Guyamas?

Brenda said...

Jackie, I believe there is one coming in November and another in December. I just forget the rest of the dates; but I believe that there are 6 contracted for at the moment (don't quote me on this lol).

kelsi said...

Doesn't it feel good to know you understand/speak enough Spanish to be the translator between the cruisers and college students?

Good job, Brenda!

Brenda said...

Kelsi: it was pretty simple translation lol. I think the college students english was less comprehensible than that of the younger students. Strange.

brentanderrin said...

you guys took some really great pictures! and i love the second you tube video!