Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Yesterday we hopped a bus and went to the bank and then to pay the Megacable bill (for internet and cable TV). Of course, the Megacable bill had again gone up 20 pesos (about $2.00). I pay the bill for 2 months at a time and it never fails that each time I go to pay, it goes up 20 pesos. What's with that anyway? Seriously thinking that I should pay it for 3 or 4 months in advance to get away from paying each months increases.
Anyway after finishing up with that we headed across the street to the mall (Plaza El Vigia), more commonly known as Plaza Ley as one of the anchor stores is a Ley grocery store. We decided that before we looked for Zapateria Luz we would look in Coppell as it was right there. We got lucky and found about 3 pair of shoes in his size. He tried them on and there was a pair of casual shoes and a pair of sandals that fit. Before they could disappear we headed to the check out counter to pay for them. Bag in hand we were happy campers. As we now had the shoes, we didn't bother looking for/at Zapateria Luz, so we still don't know if they carry mens shoes in his size or not. Oh well, next time we need shoes for him we can check them out. Hopefully these will last a good, long time.
In the afternoon I went to my spanish class and found out that my spanish teacher also has major problems finding shoes here. She has a large foot and has to get her shoes in the USA. She said that she could only find one pair in all of Tucson and Phoenix that last time she went shopping. Now that is a bigger problem than Roy has, so I guess we are lucky.


heather said...

My cable bill goes up every month, too! I just got cable internet in August, and the bill was 380 pesos a month. Now I'm up to 490 already! That doesn't even seem legal.

Congrats on finding shoes! O Happy Day!

Cynthia Johnson & Mike Nickell said...

We saw shoe store after shoe store in centro Mexico City. When we move there I’ll have to look for size 12’s for Roy!