Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Scenes

Random Scenes
Here are a few random photos that I took the day we were downtown for the Calamari Festival.
The little lighthouse by the new marina.

View from the new marina towards Avenida Serdan.

I just like the look of this yard. This house is on Avenida Serdan, across from the new marina. The house needs some work; but I like the yard.

I liked the look of this old hallway. The hallway leads only to rubble and memories.


Steve Cotton said...

"The hallway leads only to rubble and memories." Very bice turn of phrase.

wayne said...

Darn that Steve! He beat me to the punch! What a great line. Sad and poignant at the same time.

(geez, these word verifications ARE getting harder. I have to type gbnxdcvm to get this published! At least I can read this one!

Steve Cotton said...

It appears that every post I make has at least one mistake these days. "Bice"? Indeed. How about "nice?"

Brenda said...

Thanks you guys. Just something about looking down that corridor, caught me.