Thursday, April 17, 2008

Painting Class Art Exhibit

Painting Class Art Exhibit
The painting class that I am in is having an exhibit right now at the Casa de la Cultura here in Guaymas. I am not sure that calling it a painting "class" is really accurate though. There are no structured lessons given. Everyone just kind of works on their own and if they need help they call on the teacher. It is not what I thought it would be when I signed up for it. I was looking for a true beginners class where I would be taught the fundamentals. This is not what I got; but it has been fun anyway in a frustrating sort of a way. The majority of the "students" are definately not beginners, there are a few like me; but they seem to come and go and are not regular attendees. It seems more like people come to use the space rather than for lessons. Oh well, I have gotten some pointers and will continue going for awhile longer anyway.

Here are photos of some of the pictures in the exhibit.
This is the only painting that has a price tag next to it. The price is 5000 pesos.


wayne said...

Where's your painting? We want to see it!

Brenda said...

It's there; but as it is the worst one, I am too embarassed to admit which one it is. LOL Now you should be able to guess which one it is.