Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feria de Calamari-Calamari Fair

Feria de Calamari-Calamari Fair
This weekend they are holding the Festival or Fair of Calamari downtown at the Plaza de Pescador.
We decided to go down yesterday and check it out. We arrived around 1 PM, hoping that we would get to see some entertainment. It was set up/organised very well. At the beginning of the line of booths they had a table set up with all the food plates, listing what they were and at what booth you could get them. Very good idea. We wandered down the row of booths and tried some deditos of calamari, they were alright I guess if you like calamari. Personally it is not one of my favorite things. There didn't seem to be any entertainment going on and I read later that it was changed to the evening this year. Oh well.
I had read that they had restored the statue of the fisherman back to his original bronze so we went and had a look at him. He looks much better with the black paint all off of him and is very handsome now.
Now, restored to his former glory. Much better.

I took a few pictures and of course had to include one of the Iglesia de San Fernando. The smoke in the center of the picture is coming from the stack of a Pollo Feliz restaurant.
We walked over to the 13 de Julio Plaza that is right beside the church and sat and did some people watching. A wedding had just finished at the church and the little flowergirl was relaxing on a park bench with a snack. Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

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