Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Exhibition Opening-Pedro Torres

Art Exhibition Opening-Pedro Torres
Last week at art class we were all given an invitation to the opening of the art exhibition of Pedro Torres. It was held today at the old jail here in Guaymas. They use the old jail as a museum and as a place to hold art exhibitions. We have been to other exhibitions held there and enjoyed them.
We arrived a little early and sat outside on a bench waiting for the starting time. People were coming and going and greeting each other. We were greeted by many strangers and it was a nice courtesy.
We entered the building and realised that we were standing right in front of the red ribbon that was to be cut, so we backed up a bit out of the limelight. It started right on time, with a few little speeches and the ribbon was cut and we were allowed to enter.
We wandered from room to room looking at all the paintings, some to our liking and others not really our style. There were some landscapes, some of people, copies of old works such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, and lots of what I call abstracts. Prices in case you are interested were from about $400.00 dollars to $4000.00 dollars.
Since we had been there last they have installed a new steel staircase to get to the second floor. Previously you had to climb a rather shaky, small spiral staircase that gave me the creeps. Upstairs they had a small orchestra playing in one of the rooms. We looked at all the paintings and then because there were so many people and youth from some schools, we decided it was time to leave.
We enjoyed the opening.
Front view of old jail.

Side view of old jail.

Banner announcing the exhibition.

Part of the orchestra that was playing upstairs.

3 of the paintings.

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