Thursday, March 27, 2008

Join Me For Breakfast In Guaymas

Join Me For Breakfast In Guaymas
A few days ago Todd from the blog Life in El Corazon did a post entitled Join Me For Breakfast In Patzcuaro. He then invited some of us bloggers to do the same type of post.
We seldom go out for breakfast and when we do, we usually go to our friends restaurant in San Carlos for an old fashioned north of the border breakfast and a visit. This is one of the few times that we actually eat north of the border type food down here, in a restaurant.
This morning we are going to try to find a place here in Guaymas for breakfast, and no, it is not going to be our favorite shrimp taco cart which is only open in the morning. We are going to look for a breakfast in an actual restaurant.
One of our favorite restaurants La Barca is supposed to be open for breakfast now. So we will see. The camera will be going with us and I will be taking some pictures along the way. See you when we get back.
First thing we do is walk down to the corner to catch the bus going to centro. We seldom use our car here, relying on the city bus system as it is handy and convenient for us.

The bus lets us off at the VH grocery store on the corner of Calle 10 and Serdan Avenue. We cross the street, go past the flower vendor and the shoe shine man, past the old house, (100 yrs. old this year). Hmmm the shoeshine man isn't open yet, (he is open when we return).

Turn the corner and go north on Calle 9 and in one block we are at La Barca Restaurant and they are open.

In we go and select our seats. The friendly waiter/owner arrives with the menu and we decide to drink a freshly squeezed orange juice and a Jamaica juice. The juice arrives and is delicious.

Roy decides to have a ham and cheese omelet which looks delicious (40 pesos, about $4.00).

I decide on the Chiliquiles and it is also great (35 pesos or about $3.50).

Oops, forgot to take a picture of the nice, fresh, warm bread until we had eaten some of it. It was really good also.

Needless to say by the time we are done eating we are both stuffed. The food is excellent, the staff friendly and the location wonderful.
We pay the bill, total 100 pesos or about $10.00 and walk back to the corner to the VH grocery store and the HSBC bank. We get some money from the ATM and then pick up a few groceries before grabbing another bus and heading home to relax.

Hope you enjoyed coming for breakfast with us, it was excellent, wasn't it?


Steve Cotton said...

The food and walk were pleasant, but, as always, the company was best of all.

I am going home to have a nap.

wayne said...

I love your story posts! And this is a great idea for bloggers and a way to try out a restaurant you have never been to before. Think I might give it a try!

Steve Cotton said...

My turn to invite you to breakfast:

heather said...

I'm starving, and that pic of the chilaquiles just about did me in. Fun post, look forward to doing one myself soon.