Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Walk Through The Neighborhood--Part One

A Walk Through The Neighborhood--Part One
Zoning laws, if they exist, must be quite different here than north of the border. You don't seem to see strict business/housing segregation. Homes and businesses co-exist quite happily right beside each other.
Our neighborhood is no different. Some streets consist only of homes; but others have a mixture.
The other day I needed some paper and so walked down to a papeleria (stationery store) and decided to take my camera along to document some of the various businesses in our area. There are many within a 6 or 7 block radius and if we didn't want to we wouldn't have to go downtown or to the big grocery stores hardly ever. We could get almost everything we need right in our own neighborhood. Nice.
This store is right across the street from us. You can get an assortment of things there, kind of like a 7-11 with character. We get our soda pop there, or a pastry, or if I run out of eggs I can buy 1 or 2 there or a tomato or.....almost anything you need.

This one is at the other end of our block and you can get the same things as at the one above.

This is a wonderful mini market, it is 3 blocks from us. The owner and his sister who run the place are wonderful people and we do a lot of our shopping here. We get all of our meat here, it is excellent and he has a selection of vegetables and almost everything else you can think of.

This bigger grocery store called ISSSTE is 4 blocks from us and has a large selection of everything; but for some strange reason they do not carry flour or fresh milk. I have no idea why not. They also have a pharmacy where we get our prescriptions.

This is the stationary store where I went to get paper. It is probably 6 or 7 blocks from us at the eastern border of our 'hood; and usually as far as I go walking for shopping.

This is a gift shop right beside the stationary store.

There are many other shopping options available and I will show more in the upcoming days.
This evening we are to meet some new people (through the blog, again) and go out for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, La Barca.


wayne said...

Ooooh. Great post today! I thought ISSSTE was the abbreviation for the health network. I wonder if they just stole the initials to tempt people in? I love how you can buy just one egg or one cigarette here. Of course, just one of either would never do me! LOL!

Brenda said...

Hi wayne, according to what I can find ISSSTE stands for: Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado. I think this store is part of their network. They also have their own hospitals here.

Gin said...

Information from my schoolteacher/neighbor; he tells us that in the past these stores was solely for government workers but for several years has been open to the public. They do have pharmacies and when we first came they were less expensive now we have noticed that their prices are much more in line with other pharmacies (darn it)

Good photos and descriptions of the local neighborhoods in any Mexican town.

Gypsy Girl said...

Great post...reminds me of growing up years ago in a small town in the USA. Little Mom and Pop never had to leave town. Things are sure different here today...another good reason to be moving south of the border....sorry to repeat myself but... Mexico is looking better every day!!
Keep these interesting post coming. THANKS!!