Monday, September 03, 2007

Tropical Storm Henriette

Tropical Storm Henriette
This is the time of year for tropical storms and hurricanes. I am sure that if you watch the news at all you are aware of Hurricane Felix getting ready to blast along the Yucatan and east coast as Hurricane Dean did, not too long ago.
On this side of the country we are watching Tropical Storm Henriette. Unless she changes her course in the next few days we could get some wind and rain, hard to say at this point how bad it will be.
On the picture below we are approximately where I put the star.

Friday evening we went out to dinner with some people in Empalme. I guess the lady found this blog and emailed me. We emailed back and forth all week and decided to met in Empalme, where they live for dinner. We ate at a carne asada (grilled meat) taco place and then went to see their home. They are in the process of moving from one house to another so we got to see their "new" place also. A nice evening.
I have a couple of plants that are not doing well, they haven't done well since I planted them. The leaves instead of being a nice healthy green are a yellowish white color and they just look very sickly. I have tried fertilizing them to no avail. They just look as if something is leaching all the chlorophyll out of their leaves. I got thinking and am wondering if the one bag of soil that we purchased had something strange in it. I had also planted a rose at the same time as the other two plants and it died. Last evening I finally decided to re pot them in different soil and see if that will help. Neither of them had much for root growth considering how long they have been in the pots, strange. If they don't improve in a month or so I will try fertilizing again or just chuck them out.


wayne said...

OMG! Please take every precaution. It looks like it is going to pass right over you!

rusty in miami said...

Good luck I hope it stays away. I know what is like to be glue to the TV to see where is it going to go. Don’t wait to the last minute to take the necessary steps/