Thursday, September 27, 2007

Repairing The Street After Hurricane Henriette

Repairing The Street After Hurricane Henriette
We had been discussing the state of our street with our landlord the other day. When Hurricane Henriette came through, all the rain and water rushing down our street created a washout that you couldn't drive over. We actually didn't mind it; but then we don't do a lot of driving. To us it just meant that there was no traffic on the street; therefore it was quiet and there was very little dust. Apparently though our views were not held by everyone, so the city was called to come and repair the damage.
Yesterday they showed up with a grader, a water truck and a dump truck. They dumped several loads of gravel, and the grader began his repair job. After he had done a fair amount of work the water truck watered it all down and everyone left. We assumed they hadn't finished as there was still a pile of gravel in one spot. Sure enough, several hours later they all showed up again and finished the work. Our street is back in working order and is probably better than it was before the hurricane.

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rusty in miami said...

Good to see that life is back to normal so soon after the hurricane passed by